Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tarantino Nixes "Heroes" Episode 'Cause He's "Never Seen The F**king Show"

Quentin Tarantino turned down directing an episode of "Heroes," because he's never watched it & isn't a fan.

In the past the "Kill Bill" director has worked on such TV shows as "CSI" and "ER."

But "Heroes?"

“They were trying to get me to do one. I haven’t even seen the f**king show.”


  1. Well I'll certainly be crying myself to sleep tonight.

    First Bond, now this. The man's whining knows no bounds.

  2. How is it whining? He doesn't the show, doesn't watch it, and not interested in directing an episode. He's just clear on what he likes and Heroes isn't it.

  3. I can only support this decision, as Heroes is more than a bit crap.

    And how on Earth is this whining? All he said was they wanted him to do an episode, and he said no out of lack of interest.

  4. Or y'know, what Emilia said.

  5. He'd seen CSI and ER. He hadn't seen Heroes.

  6. Such a blowhard. Why do we care what show was begging him to do an episode that he turned down because he's too good for it?

  7. Oh my god. I had forgotten how petty and childish some fans can be.


    I like Heroes a lot, as much as anyone. I even liked the season finale which, by all accounts, was the most hated hour on TV this year. I have personal reasons to hate it. I tried, and went in grumbling. I still like it.

    Tarantino, I grant you, is a jackass and loudmouth of the first rank. Spending time with him does not sound pleasant.

    However, if he doesn't want to direct an episode of a show that means nothing to him, that is his perfect freaking right. If he doesn't enjoy it, he's not going to do a good job. His time is precious, as he's very busy on projects he is passionate about. He has made a sensible and respectful decision.

    Now if the producers of Heroes are upset, they should a) not have told everyone he'd do an episode before they asked him (which they basically did) and b) should have taken no as an answer the first time.

    To call Tarantino a whiner and a blowhard, or to malign his considerable talent for this is, I'm sorry, utter fucking madness.

    His worst film is better shot, and arguably better written than any episode of Heroes. He is, damn his eyes, a genius of some stripe.

    Grow the hell up, you slavering morons. Disagreement is not an attack. It's disagreement. That's the cornerstone of both free society and creativity.

    The first sentence in the above paragraph is an attack.


  8. Eh, it's better he passed.

    Did we really need an episode devoted to Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere's feet?

    Not really.


  9. Did we really need an episode devoted to Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere's feet?

    That would be the best episode ever!

  10. Did we really need an episode devoted to Ali Larter and Hayden Panettiere's feet?

    See, now THAT is fair criticism.

    And funny :)

  11. And of course, it's not like he said he hated 'Heroes'. He said he'd never seen it. There are lots of shows I've never seen, and I hope that this isn't construed as violent disdain for them.

    (And yes, I know, he used the word "f**king". That's like punctuation for Tarantino.)

  12. It's cool Tarantino doesn't watch Heroes. Most the people I know don't watch his movies so it balances out nicely.