Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vids: Jerry Lewis Slur? AND Reporters Laugh At Owen Wilson

I found these two gems together so...

In this clip, Jerry Lewis might be saying a slur against homosexuals during the Labor Day telethon. Well, even if he did, because he's an old big-time celebrity & doing charity work I'll think he'll be let off the hook. Further -- he's so old that I don't think he cares what anybody thinks. But the clip left me kinda ick.

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And here we have two reporters who can't keep a straight face during their coverage of Owen Wilson's suicide attempt. As they explain in the end, it really had to do with the funny-sounding last name of Wilson's uncle or something. Real professional, guys. Will Ferrell as Anchorman laughs at you.


  1. Oh, Lewis started OUT with an ethnic slur. The opening act was a Japanese dance-of-sorts troupe (they looked more like a Pilates class to me, but anyway), and when they finished Lewis said something like "All the Benihanas are empty" or "there's nobody working at Benihana right now" or some other stupid-ass slur. He's definitely from the generation of comedians who doesn't even hear what he's saying. Don't know if his age or the fact that he's almost died about five times in the last few years is cause to give him slack, but I still cringed.

  2. Good god, can't they come up with new Asian stereotypes? We're kinda sick of the "flied lice" ones. I mean come on, where are the guys busting on Asians wearing sweater vests or that one leather trench coat they all have or the loafers or the riced up cars or that shitty buzz hair cut. If you're going to insult me, at least be creative dammit! Benihana? That's sooooo 80's.