Friday, September 28, 2007

Fangirl Fridays: The Underoos Edition

Welcome once again to "Fangirl Fridays," that fine magical place.

Ou Est Mas Evil?

Cyborg Superman



Cyborg Superman has the seniority, but Ragnarok has the cooler name.

Knight Rider Rides Again, This Time With Transformers

NBC is bringing back "Knight Rider" -- this time with evil transforming cars!

But the burning question is, who will play Michael Knight?





McDuffie on Diversity in Comics

From an excellent interview he's done with the BitTorrent blog:

BT: It seems that in an industry that’s based on pop culture, that things like race and sex would take a backseat…

DM: Well think about it, half the population is female, and how many female writers are there?

BT: Right exactly what I mean. It seems like that wouldn’t be an issue in this time. It’s 2007 how can that be going on?

Key Words Are Key

Do you have any idea how many hits these two gave me over the last week?

Blasts From The Past: "Groundbreaking New Gay Superheroes"

CNN: December 9, 2002

"Marvel Comics plans to break new ground in the comic book industry by introducing the first openly gay title character in a comic book.

The character will appear in a revival of the 1950s title, "The Rawhide Kid." Marvel expects a February debut.

The new series pairs the original artist, John Severin, now 86, with Ron Zimmerman, a writer for the "Howard Stern Show."

The Rawhide Kid has been a Marvel character since the 1950s both as a main and a secondary character. However, it was not until Zimmerman approached Marvel with his idea of a homosexual Rawhide Kid that sexuality was mentioned in the discussion of the character.


CNN: June 2, 2006
"Kathy Kane's return as a socialite-turned-caped-crusader might not draw much attention outside the comic book world, but Batwoman's other secret is causing quite a fuss.

DC Comics says the character, who was brought in originally in 1956 as Batman's love interest, will be reintroduced as a lesbian as part of an effort to diversify its superhero roster. Kane is open about her sexuality with her friends, but has not come out to her family, executive director Don Didio said.

A quick Google search for "lesbian Batwoman" drew more than half a million hits with some blog posts calling it a sign of "the steady decline of our society," and others questioning whether a 5-foot-10-inch redhead in big boots and a skin-tight suit was a role model or a straight teenagers' fantasy."

"Aquaman," RIP

Well, the latest "Aquaman" series seems to be kind of cancelled. Mixed feelings, I helped edit the series way back for the first batch of issues. Our biggest problem with Aquaman was "reimagining" him -- trying to reposition him for today's readers. There was a really brief moment when we even toyed with the idea of making him subtextually bisexual. In the end, we settled for the water hand.

But in case DC is looking for ideas on how to reboot the character, may I suggest:

Flesh-colored Speedos and two-headed humanoid sea-horses. Gotta love 'em.


Teh Awesomeness:

Teh Not-So-Awsomeness:


Bye, folks!


  1. Clone Thor is named Ragnarok? Okay, suddenly HE just got a lot less lame. Really though, Hank has the chops. Killed whole cities, Grandmaster of the Manhunters, Herald of the Sinestro, Sinestro Corps is good fun.

  2. Aquaman IS a tricky duck- in the "fantasy storypitch game" he is notoriously hard to solve.

  3. its a shame that DC feels Aquaman needs to be "reimagined", at all. he needs to stop being written as a mopey, haunted hot-head, and return him to the brave undersea adventurer he was when he had his greatest sales.

    and, now of course, he's dead. :(

  4. Really, who doesn't want to have Tom Baker over their crotch? I know I do.

  5. YI thought the "hyperspace" bit was one of the funniest parts of that episode. And the idea of Knight Rider with transforming cars... what, NBC wants to ruin two of my favorite childhood series?

    And am I the only one who finds the picture of Hasselhoff with the puppy really, reaalllyyy disturbing?

  6. Knight rider wiht transfroming cars? Didn't the learn from Team Knight Rider?

  7. And now back to Aqua-Talk...

    Really, it is hard to grasp how it is that people that think of "subtextual bisexuality" and "water hands" are the ones that get a crack at playing at this "fantasy storypitch game" over at DC's offices...

    And those with the really solid, entertaining, seriously dynamic concepts (hey - d.c.!) never get asked to try their hand at this "game" (I'd call it a JOB though!)

    Really odd and truly a shame, yes...

    Thanks - for the Man From Atlantis clip anyway! As lame as it may be, it remains a piece of Nostalgia Tv (too bad the two-headed Sea Horse Humanoid wasn't poking at Belinda Montgomery though!)

    I'm surprised it's still available on YouTube!