Thursday, September 27, 2007

Barbie Storm

Diamond Select's "Formalwear Sue Storm" limited edition statue.

Hey don't get me wrong, it's a nice statue and all...and a bit more respectable than that Mary Jane thing a while back (remember?).

But what makes this image distinct from just any old everyday good-looking blond in an evening-dress?

I mean, they could have at least made one of the arms in a see-thru resin or something to give the illusion that she was using her powers.

Who is the market for "Formalwear Sue Storm," anyway? She's too clothed for the "removable skirt" anime statue crowd.

"Formalwear Sue Storm" know what this reminds me of?


  1. Maybe they'll make a whole formal wear set! Wait, FORMAL WEAR? Yeah, this statue isn't offensive or anything, just a double yew tee eff sort of thing.

  2. Maybe someone just had a whole warehouse of generic blonde girls & needed to unload them?

  3. wow..thats kinda...well...i don't even see any way to bullshit a point up to justify it's kind of screams 'halfassed idea' and i really hope that in the future people try a little harder. i'd be ashamed to have that around me. i'm offended purely on a standpoint that if depicting a superheroine in any fashion..don't make it confusingly non descript. its a fine statue..but if you hadn't told me i'd be like 'why does handeys have a random blond chick around superhero types? viens would explode and cover the walls the ceiling and the floor. like the end scene in carrie but i'd be like aneurism dead. ok not really...its just stupid from a marketing perspective.

    here's a shameless plug (i'm sorry) for a book i've been doing. its a ten page preview of 'the dead witch' to take your minds off the mind numbing stupidity

  4. You can't tell from the picture, but there's actually a clear plastic bubble around the character.

    It also comes with formal wear Ben, Johnny, and Reed, only she's making them invisible.