Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The New Avengers Page Dr. Freud

Wizard Universe points to an interesting scene in the latest "New Avengers" where Dr. Strange uses a spell to reveal each character's secret motivations/aspirations.

Luke Cage: longs for funky 70s outfit
Iron Fist: has a sort of retro "barbarian knight" persona
Jessica Jones: longs to be a superhero again
Spider-Man: wants to be a teenager again
Echo: in Daredevil drag, "He is why I do what I do"
Ronin/Hawkeye: he is Captain America
Doctor Strange: is an actual doctor in a labcoat
Wolverine: is a samurai (natch)

Clint Barton as Captain America would be real interesting. If the Steve Rogers Captain America doesn't return via the past (as rumored), Clint would and should certainly be in the running to inherit the shield.

Perhaps it's a hint?

On another note, covers that don't reflect the actual action in t he story but rather a short dream sequence frustrate me a little bit. What, no female Daredevil?!


  1. Flipping through it this morning in the shop, I'm pretty sure that was Echo rather than Spider-Woman. She has a way stronger Daredevil connection.

  2. Flipping through it this morning in the shop, I'm pretty sure that was Echo rather than Spider-Woman.

    It is in fact, Echo. Spider-Woman is currently MIA!

  3. "She-devil?" Be careful what you wish for!

  4. Don't feel bad for thinking it was Spider-Woman; I got confused for a moment, and thought that Daredevil secretly wished for...I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm not judging. I support him in whatever lifestyle choices he wants to make.

    But I can't support Luke Cage in wanting to wear a tiara. :)

  5. actually in Fallen Son:Captain America, Clint DID put on the costume and shield, but decided against it in the end thanks to the Young Avengers.

  6. Remember in the 80s when sometimes marvel comics would just be a portrait of one of the characters with that standard frame of other marvel characters up and down the left and right side?
    Did you ever think maybe those came out in the months when they sorta effed up and didn't have a cover in time and just said, "Hey, Draw a picture of Magik! Quick! We'll slap the logo on it!"

  7. There are only three guys I'd accept in the Captain America costume other than Steve: Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton or Rick Jones.

  8. IF Marvel dares to recast Captain freakin' America, they goddamned well better give the role to a newly created minority character. Or I'm going to set the building on fire.


    I thought this issue was great, but I thought it was more than a little silly that they needed to go defend the Helicarrier. No, really... SHIELD really can defend itself. Send a text message. The Initiative can handle Deathlok.

    This Luke Cage silliness about "this is how we know we're heroes" is just that: silly.

  10. @john seavey

    You take that back! Luke totally rocks the tiara. "Sweet Christmas" indeed!

    I didn't get the Iron Fist fur-wearing barbarian thing at all. Danny aspires to this?

  11. "more than a little silly that they needed to go defend the Helicarrier."

    they were actually going to defend Stark Tower, I believe, saying that it was an ambush and that they were going to go help their friends/warn them.

    i thought it was awesome, even though their "friends" are hunting them and shit, they are heroes still.