Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Amazons Attack" -- Alternate Surprise Endings

The "big reveal" at the end of "Amazons Attack" sure stirred up a lot of controversy.

Here are some "alternate takes" for that last scene.



  1. Frankly that last one I fully believed to be the real page.

  2. I was really disappointed to learn this wasn't Bea Arthur. I thought there might be a Golden Girls story arc in the works.

  3. hey!
    I'm a huge mega DC fan. In fact, I could challenge Mark Waid with my DC knowledge(at least I think so).
    And I'm really really bored with current DC storylines (countdown, amazons attack, stupid killing of conner and bart, boring teen titans, hundreds of countdown tie-ins, really boring johns and donner superman, j'onn j'onzz's stupid new head, outsiders fiasco, current 3 versions of legion blablabla...) lately.


    Occasional Superheroine, I'm totally agreeing with everything you say. But you look like you are on a crusade against DC, and although I think you are right, I also think that you should tone it down. My opiinon is that, it harms your credibility.
    Like I said, just my opinion.

  4. Yet bloggers attack Marvel day after day without a corresponding damage to their credibility.