Friday, September 07, 2007

My Big Fat Baltimore Comic Con Adventure, Part One

When we got on the train the only seat available was this narrow mutant seat that faced this cranky Indian lady. I manage to squeeze into the seat but the lady freaks out when my sweetie Mr. G tries to sit.

"You're not sitting here blahblahblah!"

So my sweetie has to sit far away from me.


But then the train got emptier after awhile. And we were rejoined.


Next leg, we hung out at the house of "In His Likeness" creator James Hatton. James is showing at the Baltimore Comic Con and will be selling his first collected edition "In His Likeness Vol. 1: The Centurion" and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

James and Danielle O'Brien have the materials to make their buttons & mini-comics all over the living room in a last push to get everything ready for the show. In an hour or so we will all drive to Baltimore.

Someone reads my blog and calls out to me,

"Hey, Gail Simone commented on your post and said Ryan Choi is alive and well!"

James & Danielle are also selling these sweet suede stuffed "Devil" dolls for $15. See?

Then Mr. G. staples his finger while he helps Danielle staple on of their mini-comics. I still love him.

Next leg of our journey, we are going to David's friend's Ed's house. Ed runs the "Your Mom's Baserment" blog and will be having a pre-convention party tonight that will have fans and comic pros attending.

An "Action Figure Pillow Sham" party, is what it's called.

I'll be there and give the inside poop. Because I'm like that.


  1. People willingly go to Baltimore?

  2. im not sure if anyone on here is a comixfan member, but there is a writing competition called superhero idol and it would be awesome if you went and voted for Ryan who is writing Buffy (very well I might add)

    Click here to vote


  3. people willingly go to baltimore for action figure pillow shams parties!

  4. "People willingly go to Baltimore?"

    I willingly moved there. :)