Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Fake Dan Didio Blog

First, I didn't create this blog.




The ersatz Didio of this blog is fond of the phrase "What UP, sluts?" and complains about the lack of boobage on Darwyn Cooke's cover for the latest "Comic Journal."

He also feels that Ragnell is doing more positive PR for DC than their entire advertising department.

Well, I would be curious to read what else the fake Didio -- Fidio, if you will -- has to say about the comic industry.

As for what the real Dan Didio has to say about the blog -- I'm sure he would be strangely flattered m(you know, if he actually read the internet and all).

It's when they stop talking about you that you really have to worry.


  1. I'm sure the real Dan DiDio reads the internet. Of course, like most of us, he doesn't read every corner of it.

    I loved the Fake Steve Jobs blog, it was a brilliant idea and got lots and lots of folks talking about it. Jobs (and even Bill Gates) seemed to like it as well. There's always a fine line between satirizing someone and just plain being nasty, and Daniel Lyons walked that line pretty well when doing Fake Steve. Having met DiDio (and even dined with him at a DC freelancers dinner) I'm not sure Fake Dan is following the same path, but that blog be worth looking in on from time to time.

  2. This is pretty brilliant.