Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Amazons Attack" Postscript

According to the new Lying In The Gutters, fans weren't the only ones disappointed with how the mini-series "Amazons Attack" came out. Editor Matt Idelson also might have had his reservations.

"On the DC Message boards, one user, a "lostgauntlet" reposted private e-mail with Idelson, including the sentence "Things haven't run nearly as smoothly as they should on this title, almost from its inception, and I admit that the quality has at times been compromised.""


Here is part of Idelson's reply to lostgauntlet's email:

"Things haven’t run nearly as smoothly as they should on this title, almost from its inception, and I admit that the quality has at times been compromised. It’s been very frustrating to me. I do believe that the upcoming slate of stories with Gail Simone and Terry are very strong, and will be an awful lot of fun. I hope you’ll considering giving those a try before making your ultimate decision on the title. Having grown up reading comics, I know how important the treatment of the characters and the quality of the stories are, and I very much want to satisfy you and everyone else who plunks down their hard earned money to buy the books. "

and here is another to hobomystical's letter:

"Thanks for taking the time to drop me a line. I’m profoundly saddened that you disliked Amazons Attack as much as you did, though I can fully understand how you would feel that way. Certainly, my failure to properly identify Granny Goodness at the end was a blunder. But beyond that, I am sorry that you were angered as much as you were. "


"I do wish certain things had played out differently, both in Amazons and in Wonder Woman’s own book. The research I did before starting to work on the title gave me an even greater level of respect and affection for the character, and I know all too well the things that have and haven’t worked since the book relaunched. All I can do is keep trying to produce better results. I hope the arrival of Gail Simone on the title this fall will leave you with greater satisfaction than you have now for the book. "

I think "Countdown" should have a similar "mea culpa" PR campaign, and then everybody should just move forward.


  1. But does a mea culpa really take care of the problem? I see an unending string of "okay, we know THAT was bad but don't write us off until you read THIS." How much abuse should a reader tolerate?

  2. So very, very, very glad I decided to end about fourteen years worth of Wonder Woman support with Alan Heinberg's arc. I know it hasn't actually ended yet, but y'know-- I didn't buy any stories that follow chronologically.

    Now if I can just find a damned spoiler online so I can see what all the fuss is about!

    Did I mentioned I survived the Eric Luke years?

  3. Frank -- Try here.

    Avoid the comments.

  4. Thanks for that link, ragnell! I just now got around to checking back here...