Saturday, June 30, 2007

What True Love Is All About

BF calls me: "Hey baby, I'm down to my last $10, but would you like me to pick up anything for you before I come home?"

Me: "Could you please stop by the comic store and pick up The Sinestro Corps #1?"

BF responds: "Sure, baby, no problem."

And that's what true love is all about, Charlie Brown.
BF comes home: "You know, that Sinestro Corps cost $5."


  1. Does he really call you "baby"? I can never work up the nerve to come up with a pet name for my girlfriend and actually USE it.

  2. The last page alone is worth 5 dollars and more. Sinestro, Paralax, Cyborg Superman, Superboy Prime and...THE ANTI-MONITER?

    The Corps are so screwed.