Friday, June 15, 2007

Make "Countdown" $1.99
And I'll Buy It

The problem with "Countdown" as I see it (we will set aside the shit-eating dead-baby demon for a moment) is that it's not enough story for the price.

It's like a bunch of "clips" updating you as to the continuing adventures of assorted characters with no real "story" structure per issue. Oh look, there's Holly Robinson getting off the bus. Jimmy's had a bad dream. Pied Piper & Trickster shoot the shit. These are "clips." Not a story.

Oh, I'm sure as a trade paperback it will blend together nicely. And I found the clips more or less entertaining. But it's a too-quick read with no resolution and not a lot of suspense. It's the comic book equivalent of the "Sopranos" finale.

Wasn't there a weekly DC book some years back, maybe late 80s/early 90s, that had a cheaper price than than the regular books? Was it "Showcase?" What was it?

At any rate, $2.99 is too much money for me to drop on a book like this on a weekly basis. But I think if it had a lower price point, I'd be more likely to pick it up.

As a side note, I find it really ironic that Jimmy Olsen might be the "key" to "Countdown" (and perhaps the entire DC Universe) when in the first "DC Revamp" discussions several years ago he was specifically pointed out as being emblematic of everything that was wrong with the company's image. Full circle, I guess.


  1. You know...I just did not find it compelling enough to spend $2.99 every week for the next year.

  2. $2.99 x 52 = $155.48

    $155.48, I tells ya

  3. i waited for the trade to read 52, and man oh man is it gooooooodddd, but if i had read it in weekly format i would have hated it...

    so i am a bit disappointed ive already jumped in on countdown, cause now im kinda stuck, i do wish i had read it in trade form... but then i would have had to wait way too long

    not to mention that its so woven into the rest of the dcu, i keep seeing the same damn scenes from the other comics i read that week

  4. $155.48, I tells ya

    19.99 x 4 for 52 = 80$ plus tax...

    and it was 1.99, so if countdown is 2.99, itll probly be 25-30 for the trades...

    so you really only save 20-30$ and waiting a year after seems a bit long to wait for such a small save...


  5. 52 was $2.50, so 52 x $2.5 = $130. I would have liked it a lot more if I had trade waited.

  6. I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Action Comics, which I believe went weekly during that period.