Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Chris Benoit Action Figure"Ruthless Aggression," indeed.
The more I read about this the more it sounds like
a combo of 'roid rage and domestic violence.


  1. You can put him next to Yellowjacket and Dr. Light on the bookcase.

  2. A trifecta of fully-articulated misogyny!

  3. real sick thing is he shot his kid up with roids as he was undersized. and also suffering from something called fragile x syndrone which is a condition that causes mild retardation. this happens predominately to males and really fucks them up big time. now the domestic violence could deffinitely be true..i mean come on now. but the roid rage..not so much. i've seen my fare share of roid rage. (not me personally as i never touched the stuff) but friends of mine did. a burst of roid rage is a somewhat quick thing psychologicly. he took time to kill his wife..binding her hands and feet. then strangulation. deffinitely a premeditated long running thing instead of a burst of rage. one thing roids could have played a part in is deterioration of the brain tissues causing mental illness over a long period of time.

    i've been studying this shit for years. i being a child of abuse and had roided up assholes in my life. i wanted to understand how shit happens and ways to avoid it...thus breaking the cycle of abuse in families. a noble cause some say. there's a whole crazy long explaination that really you don't need me to spout here on your blog.

    i really think the WWE had better rethink how it works with people. the problem is these guys go out 4-5 nights a week and get injured...go to shady doctors and just medicate. the toll it takes on people physicly and mentally is enormous. is it any wonder why all these wrestlers have such tragic ends? what needs to be done is making a real commission..with the government that will ensure the wellness of the employees. real consequences for steroid use. real medical intervention with on the level doctors. also not working people so fucking much. you'd eliminate alot of the problems that way. maybe these guys can have normal lives that way. i'm speaking as a guy who used to wrestle for independents in the 90's. i'm living injured..i don't medicate like the others. i was never a roid guy. so i'mk thankful for that..i didn't have the quad tears like HHH or some such. but i did break my neck and back and numerous other things.

    i'm not condoning what benoit did. he's an asshole and if he abused his wife (he did) he deserves nothing but the worst. but we have to look at the big picture and the WWE as a whole. i'm speaking as a child of horror..and as a former wrestler..and as a concerned human being.

  4. I have no doubt that Benoit somehow became a monster, but I am still having great difficulty reconciling what's been revealed about him over the past 48 hours with the man who was sobbing on national TV over the death of his friend Eddie Guerrero two years ago. And if I'm finding it so incomprehensible, what his friends and family are going through must be exponentially greater.

    In the past couple of days, I've also wondered whether or not I can look at pro wrestling the same way again, but the more I thought about it, the more guilt I felt for painting an entire industry and everyone who works in it with the same brush. The industry is flawed, as are many of the people in it, but it's also been something special to me, mainly because it's something that I can still share with my teen-aged daughter.

    I'm considering writing a letter to WWE, expressing these thoughts and others, and exhorting them to wake up & take better care of their employees. The 250 days a year on the road, exhorting them to work through injuries that would sideline any other professional athlete, the overwhelming use of painkillers; all these things need to be addressed if there's going to be a future for wrestling.