Monday, June 25, 2007

WWE Wrestler Chris Benoit Found Dead --
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon
Suddenly Found "Alive"

Oh crap, WWE (and WCW) pro wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead today -- as well as his wife & kids.

I had a post a few weeks back about WWE chairman Vince McMahon's "death stunt." Well apparently, in the interest of good taste, the ruse is over and all references to the stunt have been taken off the WWE site.

You would have to be a professional wrestling fan to appreciate what a shock Benoit's death is. His wife was also a pro-wrestling personality, who performed under the stage name "Woman."


  1. This is a tragedy for all who knew and loved Chris Benoit and his family; their relatives, friends, and co-workers. I've watched several of the WWE wrestlers tonight sharing their memories, and it's evident just how much they loved and respected Chris Benoit. I got to watch him wrestle in person one time, and he was phenomenal. He was just as intense for our little crowd of 1500 people as he was for every PPV and televised match he ever did. An awesome wrestler and by all accounts, a great human being as well. Rest in Peace.

  2. this was really fucked up to wake up to. (I sleep odd hours,don't ask.) and i turned on raw for shits and giggles...reallythe past few days for me have been emotional jihad and i needed some brainless stupidity. then i see benoit died. the one guy in that business i actually admired. probably one of the few reasons i still watched it after so many years. now dead...

    this really sucks. it's never good when a good guy goes down. even sadder his family went with him. it's just fucked up.

    on the up side i now have no reason to watch wrestling anymore. might seem insensitive but really there have been so many deaths of people who had talent and i'm a bit numb to it.

    i had one chance to see him live when he won the championchip at MSG during wrestlemania was pretty awesome.

    he will be missed.

  3. This is horrible, horrible news. I've been a huge fan of Chris since I first saw him in the falls-count-anywhere matches he had with kevin sullivan back in the late 90's. He was a huge bright shining star and a huge hero to me. He was why I got back into watching wrestling.

    this really sucks.

  4. found some news.. it was a double murder-suicide. check out apparently he rushed home killed his wife and son then took himself out the next day.

    fucking christ thats fucked up.

  5. Yeah, I learned about that this morning. Absolutely horrible, and chilling to the bone. The family and friends of all involved must be completely devastated by this revelation. No doubt it makes their loss even worse to know that someone they cared about could turn into such a monster.

    At least WWE seems to be trying to do the right thing now that the truth of the matter is coming out. They've pulled all of their tribute and retrospective material from their website as well as removed all of the Benoit-related merchandise from their online store.

  6. Yeah, my wife told me before she went to work when I was still half asleep. I woke up and read up on the details and it made me fucking sick!

    I mean, they have to do a tribute show. That's only right. But I sincerely hope that McMahon drops the explody death plot right the fuck now.

  7. He's going to apologize for airing the tribute show before ECW tonight. Obviously, they wouldn't have done it if they'd known the circumstances, but what's done is done.

    I imagine they'll find some way to drop the "murder mystery storyline" soon; at least, I certainly hope so. They have saids that for at least the rest of this week, they won't have any story lines on TV, just straight wrestling matches.

  8. Boy, the more news reports I hear about this case the more squicked-out I get.

    Now it's that Benoit used to shoot his son (who is referred to as a "dwarf") with growth hormones.

    Benoit was supposed to be one of the normal ones -- he didn't dress like an Undead Avenger, he didn't hit other wrestlers over the heads with coconuts.

    This is just horrid. I don't think I can quite look at pro wrestling the same way again.