Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Is On My YouTube Playlist

I'll be on the road for work, and my posting is over for today. But I thought I would post some links to some of the vids on my YouTube playlist. You know, because it's self-indulgent.

Giraffe -- the best clip ever
Dueling Daffy & Donald -- when I saw this as a kid it absolutely blew my mind
Nicolas Cage Punches Woman In Bear Suit -- I try to watch this every week or so, it cleanses my palette
Usagi Is the God Warrior -- this is pretty funny
I like this Kill Bill vid
And I like this "Grindhouse" vid
I've played this "Waking Life" clip a lot, but it's long
Easy Rider: "what you represent to them is freedom"
Selina goes batshit. Well, you know, it happens
Tootsie: "for I am not Emily Kimberly..."

Family Guy Clips:
stewie gets glass in his head
where's my money
Lois! Lois!
brian's novel
rock lobster
stewie drunk
stewie drunk again
upside down face

More clips:
Classic "Dark Willow" fan vid (vid quality terrible, very emo)
This "Popeye" clip is good to watch if you're recovering from a cervical tear
Bruce Campbell is a honey
Fake Mulder
Donnie Darko tells it like it is
Moulin Rouge Mushery

Say Anything Clips:
Music Video
Why Is John Cusack Always In the Rain?

And this clip is like an audio-video imprint of the deepest recesses of my brain. It tells you everything you need to know about me, my personality, my wants, desires, and goals. Plus, it has Goonies:

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