Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What I Bought This Week

Short and sweet, sans commentary, here's what I bought:

Strangers in Paradise #90
Justice #12
World War Hulk #1 (awsommmmmmme!!!!)
Amazing Spider-Girl #9
Avengers Classics #1
Countdown #Whatever the Heck It Is (47? we're counting backwards?)
Magik #1
India Authentic #2: Kali
Detective Comics #833
Legion of Superheroes In the 31st Century #2 (the cartoon)
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #152

As the guy at the checkout line said, "hm! an eclectic mix!" Indeed!

As for the "Planet Hulk" hardcover...

I'm gonna hafta save my dimes.


  1. I second the misspelled awesome for World War Hulk #1.


  2. World War Hulk #1 made me happy in ways hard to articulate without charts, graphs, and an interpretive dance troupe.

    I picked up the Planet Hulk Hardcover as well, succumbing to the decidedly irrational need to get while the getting was good. I mean, what else am I gonna drop $40 on? Food?

  3. i must get the WWH...and like a bunch of other the nearest shop is quite a trip from my domicile. an hour outside NYC and yet its a 3 bus trip and 2 hours to get damn comics...and being poor doesn't help...

    wah wah woe is me and all that dumb shit...good mix you got there. you buy comics like i buy comics. people look at me weirdly when i picked up shade the changing man back issues along with all star superman...sucky thing is at the shop closest to me they shit on everything i get if it isn't a marvel book or DCs event it smells like pee.

  4. What no Franklin Richards? That is the best comic being published by Marvel or DC or Image. (At least until the Kyle Baker books come out.)

  5. Unless the new Franklin Richards features Franklin or H.E.R.B.I.E. punching asteroids or delivering a year's worth of come-uppance to a particular character, I'm afraid it wasn't the best thing Marvel put out this week.

    Not to say it isn't ace, though.

  6. my favorites of the week were WWH and Trials of Shazam. Good stuff.

    New Avengers 31 had greatness with Hawkeye(Ronin)/Spiderman, but the reveal at the end although unexpected seemed kind of weak.