Friday, June 08, 2007

"Let Them Watch Basic Cable"

Wow, nothing really changes does it? A rich blond society superstar is barricaded in her posh mansion, the authorities and media surrounding her compound and banging on the doors. The public, on message boards and blog posts, call for "her head," that she be brought to justice, that she suffer in the most painful and humiliating of ways. Not a few have called for her rape in prison. I don't know if Marie had to face that, to face scores of internet trolls fantasizing about her brutal jailhouse rape. But still -- nothing really changes, does it?

Keep your head, Paris!


  1. Okay, i have some major issues with this whole debarcle and the nature of the cult of celebrity in general, but before i can let out a massive rant there are questions that i don't know the answer to:

    1) Was Paris sentenced to time in jail for her crime purely on the basis of who she is?

    2) Was she then let out of jail early for the very same reason?

    So, does anyone know the likelihood of an individual going to jail for commiting the same crime, in the same State as Paris? And what about the statistics for those who are then scaled down to house-arrest on medical grounds?

    I am not a troll. However, i do not wish to see someone either be unfairly scapegoated as an example, nor do i wish to see someone unfairly let off the hook. It strikes me that all of the above are possibly happening, but all we get in little old England is the trial by media, so i have no idea what the truth is.

    THIS portion of my rant, however, is unaffected by whether it is the justice system or Paris Hilton who is getting a bit of a back alley kicking:


  2. Hilton violated her probation on a DUI charge by driving with a suspended license and getting pulled over for going twice the speed limit. Trust me, she'd be sentenced to jail no matter who she was.

  3. "Was Paris sentenced to time in jail for her crime purely on the basis of who she is?"

    Given the high number of DUI-related deaths, I find it hard to care that the fame she's slavishly courted has (possibly) bit her on the ass.

  4. "WHERE IN HELL (i.e. where in the media) ARE THE DECENT ROLE MODELS FOR GIRLS?"

    For every Paris or Lindsay, there are young female stars like, say, Alexis Bledel or Natalie Portman, who have their act together but don't generate much ink for their offscreen activities.

  5. Exactly my point...

    They don't generate ink.

    the tabloid media is only interested in car-crash female celebrities, so they get all the exposure and as a result we see these pitiful creatures held up as something aspirational. Therefore we get lots of impressionalble young 'uns wanting to be just like said car-crash celebs.

    The snake is eating its tail here people...