Thursday, June 28, 2007

"So who is this famous
Frank Miller fan working for Circe?"

-- from "Wonder Woman" #10

"Um, what? I know I haven’t been following the series, but does that make any sense to anyone? It’s wrong for the story, wrong for the character, and doesn’t even work on the meta-level, since it’s so confusing."
-- "Comics Worth Reading"

So Frank Miller exists in the DCU? Kinda like those classic storylines from the 70s where the comic creators existed with the superheroes and such?

But a bigger question is:

Does "Wonder Woman" currently have an editor? Or does Jodi Picoult's script go immediately to the letterer?

Between this and Miller's recent "All-Star Batman" issue with WW saying "sperm dumpster" or whatever...geez, no wonder there is no Wonder Woman movie made yet.


  1. I so hate to defend this title... in fact its sad that I am still reading it. I thought I had beat my completist addiction, but in all fairness the line is an easter egg/in-joke of sorts when (and I hate to further defend) Diana (former goddess of truth) can't remember the real name of Everyman.

  2. I swear, if Gail Simone cannot save this book from the depths of shit it has sunk into I will probably sit in a corner and rock back and forth, silently weeping and petting my Wonder Woman tattoos whispering, "It's okay, it's okay, I remember the real you."

  3. She says "who is this Frank Miller fan" >.>;

    Which seems to imply that Frank Miller DOES exist in the DCU >.> Or she wouldn't have said "fan" o_o;;

    And that confuses me even more :(

  4. The original quote about the Frank Miller fan is probably in reference to a cover Frank did for a fanzine (L.O.C.) back when he was just breaking in.

    It featured Wonder Woman holding a sword and a battle ax.

  5. I just read this storyline in trade. It's truly a piece of crap.

    Picoult turned a feminist icon into a fool who can't remember the difference between a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and rapidly-degenerating comic book innovator. That's akin to confusing Eugene O'Neill with Shaquille O'Neal.