Friday, June 22, 2007

How Quickly We Change...
While having a nightmare last night where The Hulk was rampaging thru Midtown, causing massive damage & mayhem, I turned to a friend in the dream and said:

"Iron Man has to send his #@%*&$ ass into space!"

Now, I've been totally on the side of The Hulk during "World War Hulk." But when faced with a situation in my dream where the Hulk was actually a menace -- when it seemed real to me, a real, immediate threat -- I supported Iron Man.

Was Tony Stark & Co. really justified in how he handled the Hulk situation? How could he have handled things differently and yet still protect citizens?

If we were suddenly faced with certain issues that impacted our lives personally, would we flip-flop on our stances on those issues? Or are those moments of crisis the true testing ground for the sincerity of our beliefs?


  1. My dear, you just need to have faith that the Hulk will smash all that is wrong with the world. Trust in Hulk!

  2. The real issue is that instead of really dealing with the issue; which is cure the Hulk or kill the Hulk, they left him alone and shot him off thinking that he would totally be out of the hair. Surprise surprise surprise, he comes back. They should have just launched him into the sun and finished him.

  3. im on the hulk's side on this one, and sure hes done a lot of bad, but hes also done a lot of good

  4. I am very happy watching Hulk punish Earth 616 for its sins against him. This has been a long time coming, and while yes, the Hulk has caused a lot of damage since appearing, there haven't been a lot of attempts at co-existing with him. Hulk ultimately wants to be left alone, so maybe folks should do that.

    As far as reversing on our beliefs when a crisis comes calling, it's a tough call. As important as those beliefs are to who we are, I think our survival instincts tend to over ride things like values, reason, and often sense. Stark and the others shot Hulk into space, which was the wrong solution to a problem. Hulk is back and wrecking my home as payback? When's the next launch window, please? The Hulk in midtown, bringing down buildings and such, is an immediate problem that needs a rather immediate solution, which doesn't leave a lot of time for debate.

  5. I like this Shortpacked comic on the issue:

    But I'm also looking forward to Hulk wreaking his vengeance against the people that betrayed him.

    I felt the same way with Civil War - at first, I had a lot of righteous indignation at Iron Man and the pro-reg mission, but by the end, I was on the bandwagon. I didn't agree how the pro-reger's went about implementing their plans, but if I were a denizen of the Marvel U, I'd probably want my heroes visible and registered and trained.