Monday, June 18, 2007

The Battle Of The Sexes,
World War Hulk Style

This is awesome stuff.

All things being equal, could Jen really beat Hulk's ass?


  1. well... the only think stopping me from running to my local comic store and throwing my money at the startled clerk NOW is the time - wayy past closing here in England.

    I may do it anyway.. this looks bloody brilliant!

    Jen v Bruce? You gotta put your money on Bruce - sure, Jen got a great shot in, but he's got his hands round her neck and just look at the size difference between their arms. Normally this kind of thing wouldn't matter, but when you have 2 characters with essentially the same power and one is literally 5 times... well... hulkier...

    I feel like such a geek.. :)

  2. Although Jen might do all right against some versions of the Hulk, the ones she could outsmart, in general I'd have to say she couldn't. After all, Bruce got his powers directly from the gamma bomb, Jen got hers from a blood transfusion--I always figured the less concentrated source would result in weaker powers.

    I could be wrong, of course, but Jen has almost never been presented (except in rare instances) as having truly Hulk-level abilities. When she has, she's also been drawn as a larger, more muscular individual. (As the other commenter implies as well.)

  3. Avengers Dissasembled She Hulk with a nice Scarlet Witch amp up could possibly throw down a bit longer...

    But this is the most powerful The Hulk has ever been, its the angriest he's ever been, and by the looks of how he took down Black Bolt and Iron Man... I am pretty sure I can say NO.

  4. Like was said up above: A dumber version of the Hulk, I think Jen could outsmart him, use her advanced fighter training against him, or appeal to his softer side (Jen's awesome at getting monster-types to sit down and tell her about the rabbits), but this one's just too smart and too angry. He's the closest to Maestro that he's ever been, and there's not much in the MU at the moment that can stand against that.

  5. Honestly, No. The reason why I say this is in a straight fist for fist fight between a male body builder and a female bodybuilder, The male is naturally heavier and physically stronger. I'm not saying that the woman is weak by any stretch of the imagination It's a matter of height and weight.

  6. It's no doubt that Hulk is way bigger and stronger than Jen, but she's got speed and agility on top of that. Not looking at this from a male-vs.-female perspective, but a big fighter versus small fighter, Jen's still got some edge against her cousin. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a smaller fighter take out someone bigger. Hulk like bunnies.

  7. I love Jen, but she goes down against The Hulk.

  8. Jen loses. It's not a gender thing. They conceived of HULK as strongest their is. That will never change. Now that he's at least as smart as her, no way, ever. But I love them both and I'd say She-Hulk is definitely the best and most fully developed female version of an A-list character ever.

    I'm LOVING your WWH coverage, though. Lovingggggggggg it.