Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Thoughts On "The Flash" #13

SPOILERS AHEAD (yeah, like you haven't heard of this news already)

Has there ever been a more hasty backtracking and killing-off of a character like what has happened in "The Flash" #13? What a total mess. The only moment of genuine emotion in this issue was Robin dropping the cell phone at the end when he got the news.

Bart's death seemed so rushed, so ill-planned, so totally scattered that by the time I saw his monument on the last page, I felt nothing. Because it wasn't even Bart. It wasn't the Bart from "Impulse" -- all the joy and uniqueness of that particular version of the character had been slowly drained away since the cancelation of his solo title.

The Bart Allen of this issue was a cypher, utterly generic, and his death was just as generic. It is obvious that this ending was rushed from idea to execution, presumably to clear the way for Waid's turn on the book.

I think ending the book so soon in its new run and restarting it is not as smart as perhaps changing Flashes within the run itself; it doesn't engender trust from the retailers or the fans. It's just another launch of the "Flash," another beginning, another "special collector's item issue" to hype. I hope this is not a trend.

R.I.P., El Barto.


  1. "Generic" is right. There was nothing left of the fun character that Bart Allen used to be.

    So long, Impulse. It was fun while it lasted.

  2. The moment with Robin was genuinely touching. It was the one touching thing when I was flipping through the book in the shop.

    The Rogues killing Bart was very odd, partially because the way it went down is the most obvious way for the Rogues to handle their constant Flash propblem - back him in to a corner, hinder his powers, and unload on him. It kind of broke the Rogues for the sake of the story - they're just not that clever, and that's kind of the point to them. It was all just too easy.

  3. im glad wally is back though

  4. This from the same woman who earlier posted "Die Bart Die"

    As much as I am fan of Geoff Johns, he never should have made Impulse smart. By suddenly making him so mature, he took away everything that was cool about him. That's what really ruined the character.

  5. I have to agree with rougewolf. Bart changed way too much upon becoming Kid Flash... I do understand why it happened... Dc (or Johns at least) felt it was time for Bart to grow a little, do some maturing and to "move ahead" as a character. However, the characer lost the appeal for me after this happened. I admit I HATED Bart as the Flash. He was bland and cookie0cutter and boring as hell. However, instead of killing him, I would have MUCH rathered see him go back into the Speed Force and exit back at his original "Impulse-like" self.

    As for the Rouges... it made little sense they would beat Bart to death... especially since they knew he was not the Flash they had all fought so many times. Espcially since it's already been shown in Countdown that Piper and Trickster are not quite on the bad side, but have their own ajendas.

    In the end, none of it made sense for me.

  6. Anonymous2:00 PM

    If I ever get writing superhero comics, I already know how I'll bring Bart back. The real Bart, I mean.