Saturday, June 30, 2007

Custom MJ With Spidey-Panties

Unfortunately, the eBay auction for this unlicensed Mary Jane "Comiquette" is over; but since it didn't sell, I'm sure you will have another opportunity to purchase. The artist claimed that Cameron Diaz dancing around in her Spider-man Underoos was his/her inspiration for the piece; which, of course, means that Adam Hughes is off the hook.


  1. Why is it that I feel less irritated by this than I do by the official Comiquette?

  2. She looks like Katey Sagal...not that there's anything wrong with that...

  3. Whew. I was feeling bad for Adam having to defend the statue. Glad he is off the hook.

    (No, seriously, it pained me, as a big fan of Adam's to witness his being brought out to the frontlines...especially considering it was pretty much universal that his art was not the problem-it was how the sculptor interpreted it)

    it's not official or being released by Marvel, so I would venture a guess that's why it doesn't seem as bothersome.

  4. plus, it just isn't as bothersome. At least not to me.

    It's not the most natural of poses, but it's not exactly unnatural either. And while they are skimpier, they are also more realistic clothes to wear (just barely). And there's no creepy smile.