Sunday, June 10, 2007

Show Me Love And Buy My Shirts

I've finally got the T-shirt store up --

Choose between the nifty art at the header of this blog or impress your friends with the nifty "Vicki Victim" design!

Whether you're a fan of the blog, a fan of women in comics, a fan both of my blog and women in comics, or maybe just my blog and not so much women in comics, whatever the reason, you really should check this stuff out!

Tell your friends!

And remember...

Nothing says "Sexy" like an official Occasional Superheroine T-shirt!


  1. I sadly just spent a whole ton of money on a trip, so I won't be purchasing any merchandise anytime soon. ^^;

    However, I am curious since the top now says "Hello to Comics." A new chapter in our heroine's life?

  2. nice...hopefully in the near future i can support the cause. usual sob story..i work on independant comics...once the checks come i will be buying up some stuff. after eating and stuff of course.

    you rock.

  3. I love the t-shirt designs - but where are the plus sizes?

  4. Megan, you have to check which plus size you want after choosing the shirt. I had no trouble ordering the XXL. They're $3 more, natch (the logic is "there's more material" but most of us acknowledge that's code for "we're going to soak the fat folks for every penny we can because what choice do they have"), but they're there.