Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Smurf Disease

Basically, there is this big purple fly who bites smurfs on the ass, giving them the Smurf Disease. The infected smurfs turn purple and grit their teeth and say "GNAP! GNAP!" Now the sick smurfs are driven by only one purpose; to bite other smurfs on the ass and spread the disease. Which they do. Holy s**t. This made me crap my pants. Who green-lighted this episode? This just about did me in as an eight-year-old.


  1. How much of an @$$hole is Jokey Smurf in that final scene? Enough that he's "punking" people about 2 seconds after a "28 Days Later"-style disaster (in Smurf scale).

  2. I find it interesting that no hiney biting is actually seen. They cut away then show the poor Smurf rubbing his back side. I think this makes the event more disturbing.

  3. Pity I only saw it now. This is a somewhat straight adaptation of the very first Smurfs comics story, Les Schtroumpfs noirs (The black Smurfs), done in 1963. Here are some details:

    It is truly FAR more faithful to the characters than pretty much any other cartoon episode...

    Hunter (Pedro Bou├ža)