Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"We Shall Overcome" Quote #127:

"And I'll believe that Marvel and DC treat their characters, and their fans, equally only when I see that gay Batman statue on the shelves next to Mary Jane's butt."

-- Layla Lawlor, in the Sequential Tart article, "Marvel Presents Hawt Tentacle Porn"


  1. A nude Batman? To make up for tentacle art designed and created by a female? Not sure see the parallel.

    Anycase if they can get DC to approve a nude Batman (wouldn't it just be a nude Bruce Wayne at that point?) more power to em.

    I am not intersested but sure if the ummm detail is good enough there would be buyers.

  2. Gay = nude, kingdom2000?

  3. While we probably won't see the gay Batman statuette, we gays have gotten a naked Chris Evan in the FF movie, plenty of guys including some gay fellows in Marvel’s swimsuit issues, a naked Wildcat running around the JSA headquarters where the gay artist said he did the scene specifically for gay titillation, and those sexy covers of the Rawhide Kid issues. If things were different and there were as many gay comic fans and straight guy fans, I suspect we’d see more naked guys.

  4. kingdom

    1) are you uncertain as to whether the artist is a child prodigy or something?

    2) did you skip over the reference to the MJstatue ?

    3) where the hell did "naked" come from?