Thursday, June 28, 2007

Transformers Movie Early Review: "Kind Of Sucks"???

via BoingBoing

"I went to a media screening of Transformers last night, and I'll give it a full set of 10 shiny, golden stars for the most brilliant design and amazing effects I think I've ever seen. Now I'll quickly take them all back because the script, direction and editing were perhaps the worst I've ever endured."

For easy reference, here is the link to the Rotten Tomatoes page for the movie so you can watch the official reviews come in.

Oh, and nothing beats "Street Fighter" with Jean Claude Van Damme. That is all.


  1. Huh. The review I read from Fark said it was kinda good.

  2. im seeing it tonight

  3. lucky!

    come back and let us know what you thought of it!

  4. will do, my comic store only got 3 passes, two went to the staff and the other went to my brother and i

    its in the gay part of town and since we are gay brothers and both go there they call us the super brothers...

    i love it, it won the eisner last year for best comic store, only in texas to ever win

  5. Well of *course* it's gonna suck - it's a movie with giant robots where the director has insisted on putting puny humans and their puny human love stories in. There should only be robots. There should only be hitting.

    This is not going to stop me from watching it with a full bottle of gin lemonade and a gigantic grin. I loves me the stupid movies.

  6. the original cartoon had people in it, so why not the film? this is 'for the fans' so to speak, so to some extent it will pander to the desires of those who loved the original, but are now grown-ups.

    More importantly however, it will seek to create a market amongst new young fans, so the human element will likely remain.

    I'm really looking forward to this movie, but i should know better. After all, its directed by Micheal 'Pearl Harbour' Bay.

  7. i saw it yesterday (in Australia), and as a diehard transformers fan, it rocked.

    some more robots would have been cool, sure, and it was a Michael Bay film, but it was still awesome.

  8. it was seriously the greatest movie EVER made.

    now im a huge hater of michael bay, but this was his fucking opus.

    the drama, the acting, the action, the effects, the sheer awesomeness of it all, it was amazing.

    im seriously still excited about it. it was that good. just f-ing great.

  9. Any thoughts on whether a six-year-old could handle the "Transformers" movie? Loved the show as a kid, and my son thought the trailer looked really neat. The film just looks a little intense for him.

  10. The original cartoon had people, yes. The original cartoon was also kind of crap.

    I grew up on a mix of the cartoon (through its various iterations) and a handful of the Transformer UK comics found at a yard sale, which were largely amazing. Few if any people, tons and tons of robot carnage, and a story arch with undead Transformers that still holds up today. Miles better than the cartoon or US comics.

    Besides all that, this is a movie with giant robots hitting each other. If humans have to be in a movie about giant robots hitting each other, their only role should be as collateral damage.