Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Iron Man: "I Was Justified, You Whiners!"
Here is an awesome funny take on "Civil War" from "Shortpacked" (via Journalista)

Which brings us the question --

Is Tony Stark an analogue for this man:
And were Tony's actions not as unjustified as they've been presented?

What do you do when you are faced with a world full of super-powered beings, some of whom might be out-of-control and a threat? Is this an analogue for dealing with terrorists? How *should* have Tony handled the situation?

You know what we need to bring us all together, to stop this partisan bickering?


Lots of frickin' skrulls.


  1. thats a pretty skrully statement...

  2. "thats a pretty skrully statement..."

    you found me out, kid

  3. you found me out, kid

    My next comic is totally going to be:
    "I Dated A Skrull!"

  4. What does it say about me when I like George W. Bush and positively despise Tony Stark?

    Subsequently, what they should have done was gotten together at a table to discuss things to begin with and work out a compromise that would've worked for both sides (keeping the superheroes identities in Tony Stark's hands would've been fair, but at no point did we get the idea that that was going to happen until the last freakin' page). Oh, and of course, Maria Hill jumped the ball by threatening Captain America BEFORE THE LAW HAD EVEN GONE INTO EFFECT!

  5. As the sort of inverse of Lewis' point, the Stark-Bush analogy would make more sense if Iron Man's solution to Stamford was mainly based on killing Dr. Doom and spending five years fighting Latverian insurgents.