Sunday, June 24, 2007

Heroes For Hire -- Unemployed?!

From Comic Book Resources:

"CBR News received from Marvel Comics this morning the following image and text, accompanied only with the subject line, "Heroes For Hire Are Out Of Business. And Out Of Time."

World War Hulk has arrived

and The Heroes For Hire will be no more.

Some will die.

Some will live.

The only thing certain is that the future just got a lot DEADLIER!"

Out of curiosity, does this mean the title is cancelled? Is this another "Flash #13?" Did the "Heroes For Hentai" controversy help give Misty Knight & crew their pinkslips? Or is this another case of getting me to buy this damn book through a clever if misleading marking strategy. If it's the latter, I was going to get sucked into it anyway because it was a "World War Hulk" crossover.<---geek

But the bigger question is: Will this cover spark its own controversy, showing women with skull faces? Is this another "Marvel Zombies MJ" cover, equating sex with death? Does this cover advocate violence against women? Or is it merely a nod to these guys:


  1. Violence against superheroes does NOT equal violence against women. Unlike Heroes for Hentai, this cover features male-wigged skulls as well as female-wigged ones. It could be a take-off on either the Guns & Roses cover or, of course, any number of Grateful Dead posters. :)

  2. As soon as the image loaded, the first thing I thought was "Lord, better keep this one away from Butcher..."

  3. Considering there's nothing attempting to be tantalizing or sexy on the cover (unless some people are turned on by question marks or skulls), I doubt it's equating sex with death. ^_~