Friday, June 20, 2008

Whispers of a DC Shake-Up @ Heroes Con

According to Tom Spurgeon:

"Heroes Con Opens With Whispered Rumors...

... of a major shake-up at DC Comics. I have no idea if they're true..."

significant only because I think Spurgeon doesn't post these things lightly.

Further, he advises us to keep watching CBR and Blog@Newsarama for updates.


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Warren Ellis posted something similar in his Bad Signal email list. If Ellis is talking about something too, than clearly something is going to be announced today.

  2. I'm not cheering for anyone to get fired. That's always ghoulish to me.

    The one person I can say I was glad to see go was Jemas. Didio seems like a nice guy who tends to make huge blunders. Jemas always seemed like he looked down on comic books, which is never a good way to proceed with fans, justified or not.

  3. Ah... I'll believe it when Grant Morrison writes it into a comicbook!

  4. Well, John Nee resigned. Is *that* the shakeup?

    Since Nee was so closely tied in to Wildstorm and CMX, could both imprints be on the chopping block? Certainly, if the bookstore market can't continue to support the flood of manga, it might be worth re-evaluating CMX. And Wildstorm has been at the bottom of the sales charts for so long that a consolidation with DC might make sense.

    By the way, Hysan, I've known Bill Jemas, and he doesn't look down on comics or comics fans. But he doesn't do a great job of projecting his real feelings online. He is one of the most passionate people I've ever known about comics.

    To be fair, I also think DiDio is passionate about comics. I'm just not sure if he can still translate that passion into sales anymore.

  5. Speaking of "shakeups" (though not exactly related to Didio).....didn't this site used to have a forum somewhere?

    I got all excited and decided to join up, then wondered if I'd just imagined it :(

  6. Anonymous4:36 PM

    This is sounding like the way that Willie Randolph was going to get fired by the Mets. Does that mean DC will issue a press release at 3:15 am about it?


  7. Man, SDCC this year is really going to be interesting, especially the bar room talk.

  8. Then now I'm sorry Jemas got canned. Dammit. :(

    I did think him trying to revive the Epic line was a great idea. Too bad it never really got off the ground.

  9. Oh no! Superman's getting fired! Well, we knew this day was coming but it's no less painful for having known.

  10. I was planning to attend the DC panel tomorrow anyway. Could the SouthEast actually get the front seat to some kind of news?

  11. Yes now they can cut back to 2 Bat books and 2 Supes books 1 JLA book etc. etc.

    I have always wondered if having so many titles about the same characters is good for business?

    Does it sell more books or spread the purchases around more titles?


  12. It seems journalist Nikki Finke has picked up these rumors and reported them on her Hollywood business blog-

    This ain't just buzz with the comics industry anymore...