Monday, June 09, 2008

Things I Think About

Color me a little late to the party, but so Jean Grey makes this heroic sacrifice in X-Men 2 only to go bugf**k in X-Men 3 and kill everybody?

What a way to end a trilogy...

And what about this guy?

This is one scary f**ker. Every time I see this dude on Lost I'm like: this is a little twisted scary f**ker. I don't even follow Lost that much, so I'm not completely sure of what he does. I all know is that he's a bad man. A very bad man.

The there's this:

Why was this made? This movie was like Evan Almighty without Steve Carell and Wanda Sykes. I sat through about 45 minutes of this film because I was too damn hot and lazy to move.

Finally, I'm all for saving the planet, but organic underarm deodorant just does not work. I'm sorry. It doesn't. Yes, I rub it thoroughly for maximum coverage. Still does not work very well. And I tend to pool up in one pit more than the other. I've offended everybody for about two months with my organic underarm deodorant and helped reduce my carbon footprint. Do I get a prize? Can it be $5 organic trash bags? Please?

Well, that's all the randomess I have right now. I made a bargain and traded ice-cream for sock laundering. So now I gotta wash the socks.


  1. I know this might sound creepy or possibly a bit stalkerish, but I too have one pit more potent thsn the other. I thought I was just some kind of mutant freak. Glad to see I am not alone in this malady.

    Wow. Can't really believe I talked about that on the Internet

  2. "...he's a bad man. A very bad man."

    Actually, he's one of the good guys. He said so himself at the end of season two.

  3. and he always has a plan

  4. Anonymous12:11 AM

    If you watch Lost, you'll find he's far more complicated than 'bad" or "good." He's a great character, well worth watching the show for.

  5. Amen to everything you had to say about Jean Grey, Ben from Lost, and the Reluctant Farmer.

    Can't really speak for the arm pit thing.

  6. Ben's badness is only a matter os prespective. He's incredibly manipulative to the point of impossibility, an unpredictable liar and a killer.

    But he's also a saviour, a mentor and is incredibly self-sacrificial.

    One of Lost's more intriguing characters.

  7. Have you tried the crystal deodorant? I can vouch that it works really, really well, and I don't get stains on my shirts like I did with the mainstream deodorant.

    Just make sure you take it out of the container to wet it before using. Otherwise it falls out and shatters.

  8. Bah "organic." A lot of "organic" isn't environmentally friendly, but rather granola ends up making its fringe costs higher in carbon footprint than otherwise. I mean, don't get me wrong-- as an extropian, I try my best to keep my footprint down, from getting all my home electricity from wind power & riding the subway, but don't be fooled by advertising!

  9. Since you have random thoughts about Jean Grey, here's mine.

    X-Men 3 treats her almost as badly as Scott Summers does. He's got to be the worst boyfriend/husband in comics – a good super-hero, but a bad f**king date. Kudos to Movie-Jean for dusting him.

    (Though, in all fairness, Movie-Scott never treated her as badly as Comic-Book-Scott.)

  10. Sooo...

    Ben from LOST (Michael Emerson) is probably one of the most fascinating characters in modern day fiction.

    And Michael Emerson deserves an Emmy so much its not funny.

    You should watch the show, because as bad and creepy and evil as Ben is, you still occasionally root for him (and that is why its so fucked up).

  11. I want organic deodorant to work well. I really, really do. But it just doesn't. I include the crystal stuff in that. File this under "we can put a man on the moon, but we can't (blank)." Sigh.

  12. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Okay. Now you stepped in it. My wife writes the blog Pretty By Nature, and her bread and butter is organic bath products. She uses Jason Naturals deodorant, but since it came out that Jason uses 1,4-dioxane (a carcinogen), we've been avoiding them.

    However, to get to your point, you will probably never find a good organic antiperspirant because the key ingredient is aluminum chlorohydrate, which you won't find a country mile from anything with the word "organic" on it.

  13. I heard great things about X-Men 3, but I thought it was pretty mediocre myself.

    Anytime I read "a bad man," I always hear Babu from Seinfeld.

    So, you're saying organic deodorant stinks?

    Just remember what Rod Stewart said: "My body stunk but I kept my funk."

    @Foley: And you believe Ben? Bad guys usually think they're doing good. I'm sure Rob Liefeld thinks he's doing good.