Monday, June 30, 2008

"Barbie Killing" Photo Essay

Barbie Drowning

This photo essay at JPG Magazine explores different ways to "kill" your Barbie; but of course it's more than that:

"This body of work aims to comment on how accustomed we have become to violence, death and horror in our society. It also talks about the victimisation of women and how the `perfect´ body image has been warped into an unrealistic ideal that most people have no chance of attaining."

That said, this leads in perfectly to how I found a couple of stomped Barbies in the middle of the street Saturday. One had been stripped and was apparently ground into the sidewalk face-first with a shoe. I of course took them home and made sure their hair was properly brushed and conditioned. And you might think I'm kidding, but they are actually sitting my house with coconut conditioner in their hair, reading miniature copies of "In Style" and drinking mojitos.

Anyway, my favorite pic in that photo essay:

Barbie giving the middle finger
I'm sure this picture will be used again.


  1. Yipes, just yipes.

    My cousin pulled all the heads off her barbies because she thought there was candy inside (she was 3 at the time), then gave them all to me in a box. I mounted the heads on the door lock knobs in my Ford Taurus. Whenever people asked me about it I would just refer to my car as a functioning piece of art using found objects, and that seemed to hold them for about an hour.

  2. I love Barbie. I always treated mine very well even as a kid. I wish people would get over this notion that a doll has so much power over how girls see themselves. No one makes such claims against boys that played with GI Joe.