Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guide To Val's Blogs

Wanted to check in and explain a little further what I'm currently doing with the blogs.

Guide to Val's blogs:

Cool Aggregator: I made a bet with a co-worker that I could create a Boing Boing type blog, with content, within a half-an-hour. Certainly, I wish I had time to take a catchier name, or that "Awesome Sauce" was available. But here we are.

Good ol' Wordpress Cutline template. Everybody's using it, but it never ever ever gets old.

Cool Aggregator is a mix of cool s**t, in the vein of Boing Boing, Neatorama, etc, only a bit crankier. So if you're looking for weird news, outraged news, useless news, bizarre gadgets, and hipster T-shirts, you've come to the right place. Updated regularly.

Occasional Superheroine: What you are reading here. This will basically become my LiveJournal. Updates about me (because it's so thrilling), little personal things you might enjoy, pictures of my cat, etc. The place you go to read profundity. Really. Updated more or less regularly, but with more "LiveJournally" type content.

Comics Spirit: This new blog will be a place where I can feature comics and creators who I think are important. I wouldn't exactly call it a news site or a review site. It's more like a classical fanzine; at least, that is the way I want it to be. Because I want to present more quality posts, this blog will be updated only two or three times a week maximum, maybe more if I have a guest blogger or two. I will announce on this blog when I'm launching it (which I hope to be in the next two weeks).

Review copies: if you want to send review copies, assume it will be for the Comics Spirit blog. Comics Spirit will have more of an emphasis on indie/classic comics -- though not exclusively. (I will also cover webcomics.) Also, since Comics Spirit is not really a review site, I will only feature books that really "speak" to me. It won't be a catch-all, or a situation where I am "compelled" to review because you sent the book to me. That said, if you would still like to send review copies, please inquire here.

I will occasionally feature a comic on Cool Aggregator, but those will be books that I think might appeal to a larger non-comic reading audience.

And so that's it. A guide to Val's blogs. Val usually finds blogging an enjoyable experience.


  1. Do you (or will you) have a single feed (e.g., feedburner) that aggregates these all, or should we subscribe to then individually?

  2. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Another option would be to get an actual Livejournal for your Livejournally things...then we could be *gasp!* friends! Because I think you have a cool blog is EXACTLY the definition of friendship in 2008!

    ...although I put most of the blame for the verbification of "friend" on MySpace. ^_^

  3. *sing songy voice* someone's creating a network, someone's creating a network */sing songy voice*

    Freaking cool. Looking forward to Comic Spirit as I'm looking for new comics that I can obsess over.

  4. Well, it's disappointing that I'll have to go to a new blog for your comic insights, but I'll still be happy to do it. ^^ You're well worth it, Val!

  5. That was some hiatus!

  6. I support making a deliberate switch to highlight the positive and keep a check on the bloggy temptation to complain. I don't mean your blog specifically, I mean every blog. I thought about only writing about things that excite me, but I am weak and will equate the occasional Ed Benes drawing to boogers. Anyway, looking forward to the reinvigoration.

  7. Cool. It's like a multiverse of blogs.

    Every year you should have a Crisis that threatens to destroy them all but instead just consolidates them into one and then another Crisis splits that one up again and...

    Heh. Just kidding.