Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ambush Bug Invented Dan DiDio...

He also invented ska. And pants.

Do you see why I started a second blog? I have a surfeit of riches here. The Smurf movies, banana phones, and car battery recycling tips are just going to have to go on the other site. That's it. I'm not even apologizing for it.


  1. Maybe that's why Dan Hates Ambush Bug so much...

    'Cause he hates himself

    nyuck nyuck nyuck!

  2. And you have a new word of the day from to use in your posts.

    A surfeit of words.
    Huzah, Huzah.

  3. i don't buy it, didio may be crazy, but ambush bug isn't evil!

  4. I'd like to think Ambush Bug would've done a better job. If Kirby had created Dan Didio, he'd be Funky Flashman, Jr.

    Twice as hateful as his father.