Monday, June 09, 2008

MoCCA Art Fest & Lulu Awards In Photos

Wind beneath our wings Marion Vitus
taking memberships at the MoCCA Art Fest Friends of Lulu booth

Cliff Chiang draws some lucky person a Batman pinup;
Cliff donated his time and skills to help out Friends of Lulu

Alitha Martinez presents her new comic
Yumi and Ever at the Friends of Lulu booth

Elayne Riggs is not only a Comic Mix reporter,
she's also a Lulu member and volunteer

Brian Wood would be happy to know
that I purchased the floppies, not trades...

If you were Jamal Igle, you'd be smiling too.
Helping us out at the Lulu booth & sketching...

Proud Friends of Lulu member Dan Slott
donates some time for the cause...

High Moon's David Gallaher at the Zuda booth

Cecil Castellucci signs copies of the Minx book "Young Janes In Love."
The Minx booth was giving away galley editions of all of their new titles.

Comic creators Shaenon K. Garrity, Steve Ellis,
and David Gallaher all volunteer at the Friends of Lulu table

A good party, NYC Friends of Lulu Chapter President
Danielle O'Brien assures us, starts with dishes...

...and ends with napkins

Danielle is not only a great chapter president --
she also pours a mean glass of wine.

The Lulu Awards were attended by a full house;
people eventually had to be turned away at the door
because we had reached capacity.

The Night Owls' Peter Timony and some dude

Friends of Lulu Chapter Vice-President Marc Wilkofsky
gives the refreshments a thumbs-up

Rachel Nabors announces the Kim Yale Award

Kim Yale Award winner Martina Fugazzotto

Lulu Awards emcee Emily Flake

Vertigo's Angela Rufino accepts the Woman Of Distinction
Award on Shelly Bond's behalf

Marion Vitus

After 6+ Lulu board meetings over Yahoo Chat,
I finally get to see what Leigh Dragoon looks like!

Dennis Calero sketches for a good cause and
becomes honorary "Friend of Sluggo"

By the end of the show, Miss Danielle O'Brien
could be found throwing my camera into moving traffic

Girls With Slingshots artist Danielle Corsetto
draws a Secret Invasion cover as Elayne Riggs looks on

How many comics professionals can you spot in this evacuation photo?


  1. That "David Gallaher" guy looks really happy to see you for some reason!

    I totally meant to go & was swept up by social events. Ah well!

  2. Awesome! Looks like a great party! Congrats to all the winners and all the best for Lulu!

  3. What fun! hope you had a great time.