Sunday, June 22, 2008

Portal's "Still Alive" and Jonathan Coulton

I'm going to be very busy at work Monday, so unless any real breaking news happens, I'm taking a break from blogging on the OS until Tuesday.

But I thought I'd introduce you to this cool new song & performer I'm getting into -- "Still Alive" and Jonathan Coulton.

The song is featured on the game Portal, and you can see and hear the song from the end credits here:

Now here is Jonathan Coulton singing it:

Now here it is in Japanese:

And here is a little girl dancing to it:

Here is a creepy CGI girl singing it:

Now here is Coulton singing it on Rockband:

Now here is Coulton singing it at the concert I was just at on Saturday:

Now here it is backwards:

Now here is a chipmunk singing it:

And here's Luigi from Super Mario Bros singing it:

And I'll leave you with Coulton singing "Sweet Caroline":

Enjoy your Monday, everyone!


  1. It's really sort of a waste to hear the song if you haven't played the game.

    It's a great and relatively short puzzle game that builds all this character stuff to one of the best final game boss battles ever (it's all about the dialog) this very, VERY in-joky song.

    Still, it IS a good song on its own. Just so much more fun as a surprise at the end of a story.

  2. The cake is a lie.

    Portal is awesome.

    Coulton's "Code Monkey" and "Re: Your Brains" are two other really good songs.

  3. You missed one. :)

  4. I was at that concert. It was a Saturday, wasn't it?

  5. Oh YEAH he's the PORTAL song guy. We were setting behind him at UCB theater the other day & I couldn't remember where I knew him from.

  6. he sings Code Monkeys!

  7. I liked Jonathan Coulton before Portal. That makes me hip.

  8. "Code Monkey" and "Re: Your Brains" are brilliant. Go to his web site ( -- you can listen to all of his songs there and purchase them for download directly from him.

  9. I have to agree with Bad; I'm glad you're enjoying this work of genius on it's individual merits, but it is a massive spoiler for the end of the best game of the century, Portal. It is not merely "featured" in Portal, it IS Portal; one could not exist in all their glory without the other.