Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Video: Wonder Woman on Skateboard

They will never, ever, ever make TV shows like this again without the irony. Even the kid's shows nowadays have to show that they're too hip and know it's bulls**t. Yeah, Spongebob -- I'm looking at you. And that bastardized hipster Scooby Doo revamp that wanted so much to be Venture Bros.

I miss dose halcyon days of yore when I could just enjoy stupid programming and believe it.


  1. wow.

    Magic makes a 20th century athletic helmet. And pads.

    And WW needs them when skateboarding I GUESS only as a good example to the youts, since she doesn't need such things when, say fighting. Are the elbowpads as invulnerable as the bracelets?

    And it was good thing the chase was all downhill.

    Fun stuff!

  2. Linda Carter was stunt-cast in an episode of Smallville, and it almost made me cry that kids these days are force-fed 'we can laugh at ourselves' cynicism so tv hacks can pretend they're making fun of something, rather than simply incapable of doing anything of similar cultural worth.

    Carter as Wonder Woman rocked, Adam West as Batman is a treasure whose like will never be seen again, and both shows gave us iconic themes and memes that have resonated throughout popular culture ever since.
    Let the hacks make fun while they have fifteen minutes in which to do so - their cynical offerings will be forgotten soon enough.

    I'm going now to Youtube to find me that Wonder Woman theme song...

  3. "I can't believe dis, but dere's some broad on a skateboard comin' after us. . .

    . . . and she's gainin'!"

    "Wow, Wonder Woman, they ought to give you an award!"

    And they do! What a wonderful era.

  4. Ok, I love this clip, but what got me boggle eyed was that she spun to change into the safety gear for boarding. I know she is Wonder Woman, but did the Gods really forsee that she would need a helmet and elbow pads when they gave her the power? And, isn't she Wonder Woman... does she need pads?

  5. I love Lynda Carter and always will.

    What's awesome about her is that she embraces her time as Wonder Woman and doesn't try to pretend like it never happened. Why not? It was a fun show!

  6. I've yet to meet the person, regardless of generation, who didn't think Lynda Carter was cool. Remember, she showed up in Super Troopers!

  7. I haven't watched it yet, but was touting this low-budget Canadian superhero project today:

    Thought others here might be interested given it's supposed to be an all heart kind of dealie. I'm hoping it'll carry me over 'til the next episode of Doctor Who.

  8. I think this episode is the Mom of both Jim Mahfood and Jason Lee.

  9. Hehe he said "broad" hehe...

    What sound effects!

    What acting! (I mean they said that stuff with a straight face!)

    What "gams" on that Wonder Woman "broad"!

    Oh the shiny suits of Catwoman and Batgirl of TV's Batman, I miss you...

    "Broad" hehe hehe...


  10. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Call me crazy but I always thought Lynda Carter looked hotter in her Diana civilian clothes than that Wonder Woman get up.

  11. I've never watched enough "Wonder Woman" to comment on it, but I think the "Batman" show had a fairly definite sense of irony to it. The difference is that back in the day the irony was a subtext, whereas today it is the entire text. This makes modern shows a lot more one dimensional, while (rather ironically) giving the impression of being more complex.

    I find this type of thing particularly grating in shows like "Flight Of The Conchords" and "The Sarah Silverman Program", which seem to regard clunky, predictable plotting as cutting edge cultural satire. (Though "Conchords" can be forgiven as the show is just an excuse for them to do their songs.)

  12. Wow, best Wonder-Women transformation outfit ever. Beats motorbike and diving suit WW by aces. Roller Disco Wonder Woman 4-Eva!

  13. i think it's safe to say a lot of comic books today are guilty of the same crime.

  14. "Let the hacks make fun while they have fifteen minutes in which to do so - their cynical offerings will be forgotten soon enough."

    I think it's disingenous to blame "corporate hacks." I mean, which is it? These guys'll do anything so long as there's money, or they're out to rape culture? Schumacher tried for this kind of thing in his Batman movies, and we all know how far that got him.

    Obviously, if there was money in this kind of thing, they'd do it and play it straight. Watch the 2002 version of He-Man, or any more contemporary version of G.I. Joe. The real difference isn't "modern cynicism" - it's that they can actually hit bad guys because they don't have to bow to the same demands the old shows did.

    Why is it so hard to own up to being part of the problem? Why this childish "everyone but me?"

  15. It's funny how even a thread about a hot woman on a skateboard in a comical situation can be turned into a debate. ;)

    On a somewhat related note, they've been talking about doing a new Buck Rogers movie based on the tv series, only with cheesy sets intact, on purpose.

  16. You have just fulfilled my Daily Awesome Requirement. Thanks! :D