Monday, June 30, 2008

Obadiah Stane T-Shirt

I'm not usually motivated to purchase wacky T-shirts online but this one got my attention:

That was such a key line in the "Iron Man" movie, wasn't it? "You morons, Tony Stark built this friggin' armor in a cave with two paperclips and some saliva, and you can't duplicate it with all my millions?"

Ah, Jeff Bridges. No longer "The Dude," playing "The Man."

Shirt from Neighborhoodies.


  1. Yep, "great line" in a "great movie"!

    Sigh I guess we are getting older when Jeff Bridges isn't the guy "fighting the man" anymore...


  2. I thought one of Stane's defining lines was "I'm not Tony Stark." Particularly since the line was repeated later by one of his scientists.