Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nirvana Has Been Reached --

Everything I have worked toward has been achieved. My head asplodes.


  1. Looks kinda like the pre-finished Vader armor from Episode 3. (Check the special features for the OT)

  2. Wouldn't the galaxy be a happier, more welcoming place if that's how Darth Vader was all along?

    Couldn't have hurt the prequel trilogy. Actually it's hard to think of anything that would've made those movies any worse!

  3. Sadly, it's photoshoped:

    But I'm surprised no ones actually done it.

  4. Vader can wear whatever he wants. I'm not going to be the poor fool who laughs in the face of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

  5. I just know my daughter would love this, and that's about the only reason I'm not in total denial of what I've just seen. Definitely a damn good photoshop job, though. Speaking as a guy who's constantly playing with the graphics artwork program on his computer (only for my comic strip, I swear!), I know I'd be hard-pressed to do a better manip.