Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Afternoon Joy

First, a classic scene in an otherwise forgettable movie adaptation of Batman (okay, the opening credits sequence was pretty nice too, but that's about it).

Note the music the Salvation Army band plays -- that was stuck in my head all day for some reason, and I just had to dig the clip up.

Okay, and just for good measure:


Okay, back to work.


  1. Is it a contradiction that I love the 1966 Batman movie but only grudgingly accept the tv show?

  2. I try to be polite on answering people's blogs, but seriously - **** you! The first two Burton movies have dated horrifically, while the 1966 version is timeless in its absurdity and energy - I never fail to laugh when I hear Burgess Merideth say "Every one of 'em's got a mother."

    Utterly awesome movie - alongside Batman Begins, it's the only Bat-movie in my dvd collection, and no, I don't love it in an ironic way. It's just ****ing awsome.

  3. The song the band is playing is "Bringing in the Sheaves". I never noticed it before, but I guess it is an odd pairing - a brass band playing a Protestant hymn as a masked vigilante tries to dispose of a bomb. Damn, I hate that I missed the '60s...

  4. Ah, Batman, a true hero even in campy versions of you. ^^

  5. Otherwise forgettable! SHARK REPELLANT!