Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Hey all, sorry I've been tardy/absent with my blogging today --

I'm up to my butt in planning for both MoCCA Art Fest and the Lulu Awards this weekend -- plus work -- and plus work that is sort of fun but in the end is also work. Lots of work. Workworkwork.

Somewhere in all of this, I have to find time to buy kitty litter. Or else...well, you don't want to know "or else." It involves lots of foul-smelling pee and my clothes. Or the couch. Or a nook with some comics in it that for some reason resembles a cat box.

A few "bullet points" on issues that have come up, as always love your two cents & feedback

  • I am truly in awe of the brass pair of ovaries Hillary Clinton has. I mean really. Ruthless campaign, holds the nomination up until the very last vote, then says: "I should be Vice-President." Best part -- it's all politics all-around. Now Obama & Hillary are all smiles, are going to do joint appearances together, etc. Gotta love politics.
  • Meanwhile, Erica Jong on Huffington Post writes, "...losing my last chance to see a woman in the White House feels like shit." And, "'s clear that the faults we tolerate and even overlook in men, we see as glaring in women." I think the latter is true. But I really don't feel like shit. I really like Obama. So does George Lucas. Which reminds me of the cover of Rolling Stone a month or so ago, entitled "A New Hope." It all goes back to the realm of the fanboy, folks. Circle of life.
  • So now Newsarama looks like every other big comics news site out there. Yay.....But seriously, it's a nice design, though one I fear the individual columns are going to get lost in. The rudimentary multi-link extravaganza of the good old days gave all these columns a lot more equal weight. Now you've got either somebody's weekly column or some big comic book movie to promote in those boxes on the "front page." What is going to get more space in this picture-dominated layout? Edward Norton in green contact lenses. Easy.
  • Was going to see the Hulk movie today in one of those free preview things, but I'm really too bogged down with work. Always up to hearing some advance reviews, tho.
  • OMG, it's New Comic Book Day already????


  1. It's possible that you don't feel like shit because unlike Erica this *isn't* necessarily your last chance to see a woman elected President in your lifetime. I mean, in 20 years or so, the GOP should have finished grooming Monica Goodling and Rachel Palouse.

  2. There will be a woman in the White House, as president, someday. I can think of lots of male candidates who've been as harshly judged on personality issues as Hillary has. Fairly or unfairly.

    I think people shouldn't get wrapped up in her as the be-all/end-all. Candidacies fail for a variety of reasons, including hers. She turned out not to be the right woman at the right time.

    I do agree that women get judged more harshly than men do in personality terms. I don't think I do this, but I know many people who do. Including other women who loathe Hillary. My mom and all her friends. I always end up defending Hillary to them, and I'm not even a huge fan.

    That she took it farther than any previous woman candidate should be cause for celebration. And now there's a real chance to undo the harm of the past 7-8 years... Protest much, obey little, sail on, sail on, sail on.

  3. My wife told my six-year-old daughter that Hillary wasn't going to be president because Obama was the nominee. My daughter cried and cried. (We took her to a Hillary rally, mainly because she had this great poster that asked "DO YOU LIKE PONIES?" I'm sure that her response to that question would have turned around her campaign.)

    My 8 year old son tried to cheer her up by singing about John McCain to the tune of "John Jacob Jinglehiemer Schmidt."

    I'm annoyed by reports that Hillary supporters in Texas are talking about supporting the GOP candidates running against Democratic superdelegate candidates.

  4. You probably were gonna go to the screening I went to on 84th.

    Hulk was pretty much a fanboy's wet dream, perhaps even to its own detriment. Marvel is REALLY putting a lot of emphasis on the upcoming Avengers flick, to the point where the references aren't just disposable easter eggs, which, as life-long member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society pretty much makes me go from Sinister Six to Moon Knight. Still I can't imagine the casual popcorn blockbuster viewer would really give a crap about references to super soldier serums, so Marv is definitely taking a bit of a risk by trying to create this continuity. I think it's neat they're taking a crack at it, but I ain't no fancy hollywood ex-eck-cu-tive type.

    Still had lotsa awesome punching of things. Also, smashing. Yes, good smashing.

  5. Blech! Just checked that new shiny Newsarama! I miss the old, low tech, news site format. This tabloid rag layout hurts my brain meats. Sad :(

  6. May my eyes never see that Newsarama site again. Does the whole world reall need to be displayed as a series of tiny boxes on every freaking website? My eyes can't even see it anymore. My eyes are immune to all those sites now.

    (the blog looks nice though)