Thursday, June 12, 2008

Boy, Do I Have The Book For Them...

Karen Berger on Vertigo's new hunt for original graphic novels:

"Creators might not realize that Vertigo would be in the market for something that’s maybe more of an intimate story or a memoir or even a story that has no genre aspect."

Well, if they're looking for an intimate memoir with no genre aspect...



  1. I misread that as "gender aspect." Ah, well, guess The Chronicles of Eunuch stays on the shelf ...

  2. Hahaha.. /yeah, go for it.

  3. this is a David Letterman/Daily Show type sketch waiting to happen

  4. actually, this is a Michael Moore type sketch waiting to happen

  5. "Can we somehow work an elf into the story? Also, we can't use the broken cervix plot- Garth Ennis is writing a four-parter war story with that title."

  6. "Yes, we really like everything...except for chapters 8-14. If we could just skip chapters 8-14 and just jump into the cervix scene, that would be most ideal. And Warren Pleece for the art. What do you say?"

    "Can we keep the scene with the strip bar?"


  7. So, they're basically asking for porn, right?