Thursday, June 19, 2008

From The Sublime To The Cheap Shot...

UK billboard for "Hancock" misses a few letters and the Sun is there!


  1. Lolooololoolololoooloozzlzzlzozlzolzlzz!!!!!shiftone111shiftoneoneone!!BBQ.

    I know it's just a typo/constructio malfuncion, but I couldn't help of think of a penis. Calling him "Big Willy" only enhanced that!

  2. Saw the movie last night.

    Was kind of expecting some reference to "Woman of Kleenex", but, nope. Just a sad story. This movie will catch people off guard.

    Akiva Goldsman redeems himself from "Batman & Robin".

  3. That's a BIG sign. Quite flattering to Will here in the States, not so much in the UK.

    I hoped it was going to read, "Han ock." Something about Han Solo versus Doctor Octopus. Harrison Ford going against Alfred Molina... again!

  4. Honestly, I'm familiar with the name as it's a town I pass by on the way to vacation upstate, and every time I've seen the sign my mind trans transforms it into "Hand to..." y'know.

    That's my immature moment for the day.

  5. Will Smith is now reconsidering his decision to star in the forthcoming film "Scunthorpe."