Sunday, June 29, 2008

My DC Comics/Warner Bros. "Golden Carrot Award"

Just to have on record. Received it about 6-7 months before I left, after three-and-a-half years of service. Personally signed by Paul Levitz. When you receive this, you are invited in Paul's office and he thanks you in person for good service to the company. You also receive a cash prize. Usually everybody (in the entire company) gets called in to the 7th floor conference room and they announce the awards. I don't remember if that happened in my case or not. But, I got it.

Just to have on record. I'll be permanently including this as a link on the sidebar to my blog.

/stuff you find when cleaning your closets.

//yeah, I believe the "carrot" refers to Bugs Bunny.

///also carrot in front of the horse to pull the buggy, I guess.

////at Acclaim Comics I won a free SNES and the Turok videogame cartridge, but that was the result of a game of chance.


  1. I guess the "stick" part of the "carrot-and-stick" combo they'd already given you.

  2. That's neat. I admire how Warner Brothers has crafted a corporate mythos around a company branch that traditionally gets crapped on.

  3. Valerie, did you list this on your resume?

    Did you notify your college alumni office?

    What did you do with the money?

    Did Paul Levitz ask if he could light it for you? (wooHOOwooHOO!)

    At B&N, we get gift cards. Yeah, it doesn't cost the company that much, but most of us do our gift shopping there anyway.