Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Who Is Spider-Man's Venomous New Foe?"

Via The Beat we have even more spoilers --

For the purposes of this blog I present the "approved" image, plus promo copy:

Spider-Man’s Venomous New Foe Debuts On EntertainmentWeekly.Com!

The world’s most popular super hero has faced terrifying new threats in the top-selling (and thrice monthly!) Amazing Spider-Man, but now Spidey is about to encounter some familiar faces—and the debut of a character tied to one of his most iconic foes!

Head over to,,20196484,00.html to learn just how acclaimed writer Dan Slott and legendary artist John Romita Jr plan to show Spider-Man “New Ways To Die” this summer!

So what do you think, those who have decided to "spoil" themselves?


  1. I hope he (it?) speaks like Bizarro.

  2. "I hope he (it?) speaks like Bizarro."

    *me am not going to eat your brainssssss*

  3. Funny.

    Hey JRJR and from the looks of it Klaus Janson inking, anything will look great with those two.

    Perhaps the child of cloverfield and venom? Just putting that on the table.

  4. I'm just bothered that they call Eddie Brock a "frenemy". 30 something straight dudes do not have frenemies. LC and Heidi are frenemies, not Peter Parker and Eddie Brock.

  5. I'm just bothered that they call Eddie Brock a "frenemy".

    now, in the new cartoon, Peter & Eddie are actually friends, working at the same lab. And I don't like it! It seems too pat for me. So like every friend of Peter's ends up a super-villain -- Harry, Eddie, and Curt Connors (another friend of Peter in the show).

    but it's a cartoon, I know the dynamic is different...

  6. you know, all I keep thinking about when I see this character is that the boyfriend has almost an entire shelf of just the Marvel Legends/Toy Biz incarnations of Venom, Carnage, and assorted spinoffs. I guess I should just clear a space for Anti-Venom now.

  7. Kind of reminds me visually of Spawn.

    That isn't meant as a criticism, but I'd understand if people read it as one.

  8. (SPOILER)
    Maybe there has to be a new Venom for this generation, the new generation of readers that brand New Day is opening up to?

    I have a lot of love for the creative team, and it excites me to no end that John Romita Jr. is back on Spidey, but I'm still apprehensive about Amazing. One More Day and all.

  9. All in all, this news seems pretty anticlimatic after the DC news/reveal. Marvel, pardon the expression, got pwned.

    DC's big return gets the Daily News, Marvel gets EW, but it still seems like they are saying: "Hey, guys. Forget about what DC's doing. Look over here. We have a new Venom. You guys like Venom, right? Venom is cool, right? You liked Carnage, right? Anti-Venom is like Carnage, only cooler. Really cooler. Much cooler. We all agree, right? Anyone? Hello? Please?"

  10. The silhouette reminds me of the 1950's Fly from the movie with Vincent Price...

  11. "now, in the new cartoon, Peter & Eddie are actually friends, working at the same lab"

    Peter and Eddie Brock were childhood friends in the Ultimate universe as well. Their parents were colleagues, I think.

  12. I think they should have called him Professor Swing, the Reverse-Venom. Or maybe "Antidote."

  13. If you ever wonder about the time lapse between when an idea is written and when it's published in the comics world, I first learned about this right before last year's San Diego Comicon. It's honestly been difficult keeping it down since then. I got so mad at the asshat things Marvel's done with Spider-Man in the past few months that a couple of times I considered leaking it on Jinxworld, but I ain't that kinda guy.
    Am I the only person that thinks that angular, blocky thing John Romita Jr does looks awful on Spider-Man? Just asking.

  14. Anonymous1:21 AM

    He totally needs to pee.

    Like, right now.