Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oh Noes, Harry Potter! You've Been Trolled

Apparently in the 1986 B-movie "Troll," there was a character named "Harry Potter Jr.":

So now the creator of "Troll" wants to come out with a new version of his movie starring....Harry Potter Jr.

Not to be confused with:

Is JK Rowling gonna be pleased by this proposed Harry Potter Jr. movie coming out? Can the "Troll" movie producers be forced to change the name of their lead character? Can the "Troll" people countersue JK Rowling's people?


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    This reminds me of when Homer works as a food critic and yells out "Stop the Presses!" and they do and it destroys the printing press and he just tosses his story on top of the wreakage. This is that kind of story. Troll! Man, that was some good times.

  2. when i was doing v-blogging for amc, there was a screening of troll 2 we did. anyhow: it would seem to me that harry potter jr would be legal, right?

  3. "t would seem to me that harry potter jr would be legal, right?"

    well, there's that, and the question of whether a younger JK Rowling saw the movie a long time ago and subconsciously remembered it when she started writing the books.

    another question: why did the producers of Troll wait so long to bring up this connection?

    and what does Timothy Hunter have to say about all this?

  4. i wish vertigo characters were let out of their pens into the dcu.

  5. You what's spooky? We were talking about Harry Potter Jr. being in Troll in my Screenwriting class last week. That factoid is stalking me!

  6. I think I saw somewhere that Rowling actually acknowledged the Troll film and admitted to having seen it at some point. I may be wrong, but I seem to recall.

  7. Anonymous10:34 PM

    There's also a character called Harold Potter in the GURPS SUPERS roleplaying supplement SUPERTEMPS. He's a private eye who can turn into a super-strong brute called Blockbuster (more infringement!) or an energy being called Heavy Nova. This was from the 80s, late 90s at best.