Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Princess Leia Spills All On Star Wars, Harrison Ford, and Metal Bikinis

Former "Princess Leia" Carrie Fisher had a lot to say on a British TV program about...THE HIDDEN STAR WARS! Among other things, The Star reports she said that:

  • Her and Harrison Ford got a little "up-close and personal" during the shooting of Star Wars.
  • Apparently her breasts had to be taped down with gaffer's tape during filming.
  • There is "no contest" between Ford and other co-star Mark Hamill.
  • That Hamill felt bitter over not breaking out as a star outside of the trilogy.
  • The metal bikini that she wore in Return of the Jedi "didn't move" -- and that George Lucas apparently owns it now.
(Still trying to figure out what the headline that accompanied this article -- "I gave Ford Obi-Wan" -- means)


  1. Don't try and decipher UK tabloid headlines. They are a strange and mysterious art form.

    There's nothing really new there - its been rumored that Ford and Fisher had an affair for years, the gaffer tape thing has been widely reported, and if I was Mark Hammill I'd probably be bitter too.

    But on the other hand, if I was Hammill I wouldn't have remade Sabrina either, so there's that he has to be thankful for.

  2. None of that info is terribly surprising.

    She always had more of a brother/sister relationship with Mark on and off camera, as opposed to the older Ford.

    The gaffer tape thing is mentioned on the Star Wars DVD Special Features.

    That Hamill would be a bit miffed that Star Wars didn't translate into a major film career is a "well duh!" moment.

    And George owns pretty much all the props/costume stuff so he can trot it out in the occasional museum show.

    As for giving Ford "Obi-Wan" somehow I picture Ford's "lightsaber" taking the place of a just trashy enough for a British magazine...

  3. Anonymous5:30 PM

    The headline is a pun on British slang - to "give Ford one" means to er... shag him*. Though it's usually male to female ie a man would say "I give her one."

    *Sorry, that's more British slang, but do you get the idea?

  4. I knew about the tape, & awww Harrison & Carrie. If only Lucas hadn't ruined everything, it would be the sweetest tale.

  5. I dunno, it's kind of a push between Hamill and Fisher. Hamill's Joker and Jokester made him cool for a whole new generation of geeks. That's gotta be comparable to Fisher's writing efforts, no?

  6. Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

  7. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Not very shocking. In outakes and behind the scenes footage she and Ford always looked pretty cozy together.

    The funny thing about seeing the costumes in person is your realize how small both she and Hark Hamil were. Just tiny little people.

  8. I think it's a matter of perspective as far as Mark Hamill's career goes. It's not really fair to judge him by Harrison Ford standards.

    I mean, Carrie Fisher herself hasn't done any huge blockbuster films, either and no one's going, "Whatever happened to her? Her life's a disappointment now."

    She's done some character roles as the "best friend" and a memorable turn in Blues Brothers during her Leia era, but most of her work has been in punching up screenplays and as a novelist. Not small peanuts by any means. Her smarts and quick wit have served her well off-camera.

    Comparably, Mark Hamill has done theater and has a thriving career as a well-respected voice over artist. You'd be surprised how many times you've heard his voice without even knowing it- which I think is the ultimate compliment to a voice actor. Plus various supporting roles in movies and TV shows.

    Well, big star or not I'm a Mark Hamill fan and always will be. In interviews he seems to be a tremendously nice guy, and I will always maintain his voice over work as the Joker in Batman the Various Animated Series is the finest interpretation of that character... thus far. Nicholson who?


    My respect for him went up immensely after he played himself on The Simpsons and was a good sport about the self-deprecating jokes... but especially after I later found out he voiced the bodyguard school owner who serenaded Homer and the other grads with a gravelly, off-key version of "I Will Always Love You." A hilarious tour de force performance considering most celeb guests on that show only play themselves and he got to do some character work.

    Yeah, I love Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, but Mark Hamill is also cool. I think his career is just fine.

  9. i wouldn't recommend actually watching this programme, seeing as it is hosted by justin lee collins, one of the most annoying people on TV in the UK.

    he's done stuff trying to reunite the casts of the a-team and (british school drama) grange hill etc. as well, where he talks all over people who are mostly trying to politely decline him. he made mr t look dignified.

  10. "The barmaid asked for an example of innuendo. So I gave her one."