Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Comic Con Tradition: The Hair Cut

I haven't cut my hair since San Diego Comic Con. I suck.

Being a female, I can get away with this perhaps a little easier than a man might. I can pretend that I'm just growing my hair out so I can have long, beautiful, "feminine" tresses. But really, I'm just lazy.

No, not so much lazy, as just I don't like to cut my hair. When I was a little kid, my mom had to bribe the barber to cut my hair, because every time he or she came near me with the shears, I ducked out of the way. This made for very stressed-out barbers.

As a grown-up, I no longer duck the shears, but it's just so borrrrring to sit in that chair. I also worry about receiving a mullet. I know they say you are not going to receive a mullet, but I've received mullets. I've also received pompadours. I'm thrice bitten, thrice shy.

A charming stylist offering me a bottle of Pellegrino can pretty much talk me into any crazy hair do. If it's one of the really fancy-schmancy places (like the one I'm booked for tomorrow), sometimes they offer some wine. I take the wine to relax, and ok the mullet. It's like going on an airplane for me. I get all stressed out. For the 30 minutes to three hours it can take to have my hair done (if I include color), I turn into this person:

But it's the New York Comic Con. I can't look all scraggly-haired. This isn't the grunge era, after all. Though that was a wonderful time. I could grow my hair down to my ass. I also didn't have to wash my jeans as often.

Anyway, if you are attending the New York Comic Con this weekend, be sure to drop by the MoCCA/Friends of Lulu table at #84o and check out my new haircut. I'm sure if it turns out to be another mullet, you will be laughing with me, and not at me.


  1. I love to get my hair cut. My idea of luxury is to have someone else wash my hair for me (and give me a scalp massage). The place I go to (John Masters -- ask for CoCo) puts cucumber on your eyes. It's heaven. Also, they have a nice doggie.

  2. i have not gotten a cut in forever. i am paranoid & don't want to ruin it for my wedding! so i keep meaning to go to a salon, but they need...reservations?

  3. Monk is teh awsome. Morbidly curious to see how they'll cope with the death of a major cast member - but also hope this doesn't make me a bad person.

    Women are quite fortunate compared to men, as there are any amount of get-arounds for the bad hair day, ranging from the subtle hairclip to the in-your-face alice band.
    As a show of solidarity with comics creators, why not shave it all off? I'm losing track of how many comics writers are baldies now - used to be it was a matter of principle to have long hair like some damnable free-speech hippy troublemaker, but now..? These young writing punks have no respect for tradition.

  4. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Like getting on a plane? You missed out on the B.A. Barakus connection. Your buddies should give you some milk with a mickey in it and then you can wake up hours later with a stylish new do.

  5. I hate haircuts,the noise and the buzzer-thingies and the occasional bowl cut *shivers*.

  6. Val-

    I, too, have elected not to cut my hair since last year's San Diego, but in my case, I'm loving it. Random people have told me I look younger, and when you're past 35 and heading for the horror birthday, that's damned important. ;-)

    Marc Mason
    Comics Waiting Room

  7. You people with your hair.

    Flaunting it, all growing out of your scalps like that.

    You sicken me.


    P.S. I WILL have my revenge on Superboy!

  8. I have been letting my hair grow for the last several months. It's quite long now. I was hoping to make it to Memorial Day so my friends back home could see it.

    And the wife and I are doing NYCC on Friday. Maybe we'll stop by and say hi.

  9. Just make sure it's not a Pete Rose cut.

  10. Oh wow, it's not just me who hates getting his hair cut.

  11. I'm lazy. The last time I got my hair trimmed was October of last year, so I would look decent for a funeral. (I was a pallbearer.)

    I've worn it long since... 1990? Maybe a trim once a year, just to make it look nice and even.

    Now, I WILL be trimming my beard tomorrow so I look decent, and wearing a tie, because you only get one chance to make a first impression. (And it sets me apart from the hoi polloi.)

  12. I'm not sure I've gotten my hair cut since around SDCC myself. When was it...? Oh yes, right about the time we started to publish comics online and I had to start coloring Grell. Yipes.

    My problem is that if my hair gets too long, I get people genuflecting. (And Mike Gold gets snarky, but he's 1: always snarky, and 2: jealous.)