Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Tarot Deck

Comic Book Resources reports that Dark Horse is coming out with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tarot deck:

Me likey.

The set is created by Rachel Pollack and Paul Lee, and will be out in August. Consider it bought.

(am I bowled over by the tasteful nudity? or is my Buffy fan-geek cred just shining through? I think there is going to be more BTVS nudity in this one deck than there was in seven seasons and two different comic book series.)

(btw, I can do tarot readings for parties, carnivals, comic book conventions...Great rates, no guarantees, for entertainment purposes only.)


  1. I can just hear the commercial now:

    "It's Slashfic! the card game the whole family can enjoy!"

  2. Will be hard for this to match the Vertigo Tarot from years back. I thought I read that Rachel Pollack had something to do with that project too, as she's something of a Tarot authority.

    I bought it purely as an item of interest (i.e., don't believe in it or anything) and though it was really excellent.

  3. The Vertigo deck was pretty cool, though Dave McKean's art sometimes gets a little too abstract for me.

    There are a couple of Buffy fan tarot decks online, I believe...

  4. Quote:

    "I can just hear the commercial now:"

    'It's Slashfic! the card game the whole family can enjoy!'

    Haha. Still, my all-time favorite tarot joke from Steven Wright:

    "Last night I played poker with tarot cards. I got a full house and 4 people died." :-)

  5. abstract actually works in favor of a tarot deck.

  6. Wow, Rachel Pollack, no kidding! That's a must-buy for me too, just on the basis of Rachel being involved. I adore her, she's one of those pros who keeps pushing me to write, which every writer needs!

  7. Lore Sjoberg said that Tarot decks were like lunchboxes for new-agey people; I'm starting to think he was right.

  8. in ten years is this nudie cards will be remembered as the Marvel swimsuit edition?

    For people who wants to see a Sarah M. G. Nsfw pictures.

    Why not a tcg kids totally digg that (pokemon, yugioh etc) and Porn
    even tastelly done ones.
    That would sell like pancakes.
    and if add a warning like not safe for children the kids now have to buy it!

  9. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I want this deck now... when will it be released?