Monday, April 21, 2008

Batman RIP Nightwing New Gods Final Crisis Blah Blah Etc Ad Nauseam

Okay --

I am about 75% sure I know what the deal is with Batman/Bat-folks in Final Crisis. Being in a crowded convention center for three days straight with 60,000 industry people and fans, it was inevitable that some tasty tidbits were going to shake out.

I am so sure that I'm not even going to hint as to whether my various and sundry other theories were correct or not. This is because I firmly feel that, in the end, spoiling comics to that extent is a shitty thing to do.

I will say, however, that the amount of information/disinformation that has gone out about "Batman RIP" is the most covert, multi-layered, and labyrinthine operation that has ever been undertaken since the Kennedy assassination. I mean, it has truly been impressive. I suppose, in an era of "Marvel B0y" and Internet spoilers running through the system in the matter of a day, it must have been necessary.

I'm simply going to shut up, grab some popcorn, and wait for the books to come out. This is really going to be good.


  1. WHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I totally want to know. I don't trust comics enough to go it on their word alone.

  2. Part of me, honestly, is in "Get it over with" mode.

  3. I think it's got some pants full of potentials. It's worth looking forward too.

    What's up with all the posts about toys?

  4. I have been very disappointed in DC's big "Countdown" event over the last year. I wasn't very impressed with "The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul" either. Having said that, I'm hoping that your are correct. I trust your opinion on this one, Val, and will be staying on board the Bat-titles to see what happens.

  5. Please please please just tell me that nightwing doesn't bite it in final crisis! That would make me so sad, I might actually cry!

  6. "What's up with all the posts about toys?"

    I am toy-obsessed. :-)

  7. We'll see if it lives up to the hype. Meantime, I need to finish my research on the Knightfall article this has inspired. 'Scuse me...

    P.S. There's nothing wrong with being toy-obsessed. If figures weren't so damn expensive these days I'd probably have more than I do comics! Fortunately, there's Ebay to give me my fix from time to time. :D

  8. From all the solicitations, it sounds like everyone thinks Bruce Wayne is dead, while in reality he's wandering around drunk in an alley somewhere. So there's much more to it than that?

  9. Drunk in an alley? So he's hanging out with Tony Stark, now?

    Most of me is in "Get it over with" mode.

  10. "Most of me is in "Get it over with" mode."

    I think these companies spend too much time in advance to build up these events. I think you really should have a certain window to promote this stuff, because the public gets fatigue. Determining just how long that window should be, is the question.

  11. I don't think promotion has been the problem going into Final Crisis as much as its' introduction.

    By comparison, each of the four mini-series that fed into -- heck, directly fueled -- Infinite Crisis felt more character-driven. When those minis, along with the "Crisis of Conscience" arc, all came together in fhe first issue, combined with the Kal-L reveal, I came away honestly thinking, "Holy crap, how are they going to get out of this?" I cared about the Story they were telling.

    In this case, I feel DC is trying to get us to care about an Event, and stuff like Guess The Bat-Mort and Grant Morrison's almost incoherent ramblings about Libra and the Human Flame haven't helped.

    That said, at least he's not running around in a Skrull mask.

  12. "That said, at least he's not running around in a Skrull mask."


  13. On the final page of RIP, Bob Newhart rolls over and asks his wife if she'll start wearing more sweaters.