Monday, April 14, 2008

Geek Monthly with my interview on stands now!

I finally got a copy of Geek Monthly #14, which just came out this week.

I think the interview looks great, though the photos are far bigger than I thought they would be.

There is the "pose thoughtfully with giant Pez dispensers" photo, and the "pretend Previews is fascinating reading" photo. :-)

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked. Thanks again to writer Brian Rubin!

Now I'm going to go hunt down copies so I can send one to Mom and have her call me and say: "you wrote WHAT on your blog?!"


  1. You're quite welcome! Thanks to YOU for meeting with me, it was a great experience all around. Sorry it took so long for you to get a copy. I do think those photos, though large, came out looking really great.

  2. I read it yesterday; congrats on the exposure for yourself and FOL.

    The pez photo brought to mind a press conference, with you standing behind microphones from different networks: The Hulk News Network, Simpsons TV, etc...

  3. Wait does this mean that I can bring a copy of GEEK for you to sign?? AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Maybe in true comicbook con fashion I'll bring a crate load for you to sign and have half of them in super sealer mylar plastic with climate controlled features for prolonged archival longevity.


    Seriously though, very very cool! Keep up the great work!

  4. I must live in some sort of Lostian timewarp, because I bought this issue at my local independent bookseller at least 3 weeks ago. Regardless, the article opened my eyes to this web site that I seem to check way too often for my own health.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

  5. They don't carry that mag at the local bookstore here. Any chance of a scan?

  6. Valerie -

    The article was outstanding - great interview, very thoughtful and insightful.The full two pages was more space than I thought, but perfect. Geek's a great magazine, too.


  7. This finally came out at my local comics store today, and I'd actually forgotten you'd mentioned it; I was just cruising through the issue, getting my monthly geek fix, and bam! There's Valerie D'Orazio! I squeed.

    'Geek' is great, and you certainly fit right in with their eclectic-yet-fascinating round-up of pop culture.