Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Val Recommends: Jessica Farm

Jessica Farm from Fantagraphics Press is a fun and hallucinatory trip through the psyche or dreamtime of the title character. Along the way she encounters the same types of archetypal characters the hero of any myth or fairytale might -- shadowy boogeymen and tricksters with exceptionally spicy nether regions.

Writer & artist Josh Simmons drew one page of Jessica Farm every month for the last eight years, starting in January of 2000. He plans to then continue the project over the next 42 years, culminating in a single-volume compilation in (wait for it...) 2050.

I thought Jessica Farm was an unique and heartfelt exploration of one woman's inner life. Recommended.

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  1. One page a month!? How easy it would be to lose focus on a project like that. Thanks for cluing us in.